Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Way to the Heart: 3D Your Whole Life, Week Five

Remember the old adage, "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach?" Well lovies, if you want to get to my heart, and a whole lotta other folk's, too, that's a darn good route to go. Week 5 of our journey is our own Eat Pray Love thang. But first we have to talk about the big "O." No, not that big "O." Not her either. I'm talking about obedience. Some of us have a problem with it. Okay, it's me. I have a problem with it. I rankle against it in so many ways. It's the little things that I don't even think about. Carol gives the example of exceeding your food budget (what food budget???) or driving over the speed limit (what speed limit???). But it's the little foxes that destroy the vine. Carol asks two questions as we begin this week.

Where does God have the finger of conviction pressing on your heart?

The shouting was for me, not you. But since I asked, are you? You'll get your chance over the next week. But here's the thing that's so encouraging. Carol writes, "We cannot understand obedience without first understanding that God loves us like a father--a good father who ask for our obedience so that we may grow into the people God wants us to be." Who does God want you to be? Can you imagine? Lately, the new me has come into view. I'm sad to say the pain free me is not in focus yet, but the smaller me is definitely in view. It wasn't that long ago that I could not have seen myself as anything other than fat. I thought, "This is probably it. As good as it gets." But then, something changed: me. That isn't to say that I don't have hard days, and bad habits to break. It means I'm beginning to change my mind set. The program is helping me "reboot" my life, changing the way I eat, and becoming more aware. For example, a few weeks ago, during lunch instead of eating a whole sandwich, I'd only eat half a sandwich. I'd have the rest of my lunch with that modification. I started eating breakfast every morning instead of skipping it. And snacks, usually something like cheese, or crackers (daycare food!). I switched a few bad habits for better ones. So, I was eating, but making better choices. I wasn't hungry, so I didn't feel deprived. What I'm lacking is more exercise. The exercise I get is what a person who lives downtown without a car would get.

Okay, how did that become soooo much about me? Back to our week. Think about love this week; Obedience born of love; meals prepared with love; shared with love; company savored. Pay attention to pages 117-119. Maggie has some wonderful suggestions for eating right, living well, and expressing love with food, even self-love. As always, know that you are prayed for, and loved, and supported. Let us know if we can help you along in any way. We are here for you.

Much love,


ragamuffin diva said...

Okay, it's the dreaded weigh in time, and allow me to say, "I'm so proud of all of you. You are making progress! Treva! Jean! Quiet lurkers! Depressives who are still reading. I love y'all!!!!

This week I'm 190. Honest to goodness I took this medicine before as a mood stabilizer and DID NOT LOSE AN OUNCE. I really didn't think I'd lose anything this time either. I read once if you didn't lose weight on it before, you probably won't, and maybe it's the lifestyle changes, and being so weirdly sick, but I feel like I'm losing weight really fast. Much faster than I thought. It's a little disorienting. But I don't want to stop taking it, because the migraines are beginning to go away. I've had enough headaches and migraines to last a lifetime. Not sure what to do, but that's where I am today.

Confessions of An Overweight Chrisitan said...

I made it through Sunday without gaining weight. Can you imagine that? LOL. I'm holding steady today at 258.

Still working on the other messes in my life. The Lord has been telling me to declutter, simplify, let go of things that I cannot or do not use. And that has not been easy. I'm getting the message not just from Him to me in my heart, but also it seems that everything I pick up to read has that message in it - get rid of the old and get ready for the new.

I read something today in one of the magazines that I was throwing away and had never taken the time to read, that was a real eye opener. Knowing these things might help, so I'll share.

Eating while watching TV interferes with our body's ability to know when it is full and also messes with our perception of how much we are eating. Amazing! So, we just become zombies in front of the TV, mindlessly poking food in without really being aware of what we are eating or when we are full.

Music also affects our digestion and mental ability to focus on eating.

Soft lighting is best for not over eating. Bright fluorescent lighting causes us to eat faster. Who knew?

When I still had a family at home, we turned off the TV at mealtime. Living alone I had gotten into a habit of snacking while watching TV. Of course that tells my brain that when I sit down in front of a TV I need to eat. I also sit at the dining room table and watch the TV in the living room while I am eating. So, that is a habit I need to change to a positive one of eating and really focusing on the meal instead of having my attention divided.

So, I'm getting there. I'm feeling better and having more energy. I'm not sleeping all the time.


PatriciaW said...

188. I gained a few pounds last month when my eating and exercising both nosedived due to pressures at work. I'm back on track but don't quite yet firing on all cylinders. Eating is better, not great. Exercise still off because I moved and no longer have access to the facilities I used.

Started something new this week, though. Carrying workout clothes and toiletries with me to work. At lunchtime, I head over a park about 10 min away. There's a large lake with a walking track. 7/10 of a mile. I walk, enjoying the warm breezes of a FL fall day. Just have to figure out how to get the strength training part back on track.

Tracey M. Lewis-Giggetts said...

I think I'm only posting because I'm determined to be accountable for at least this...since in everything else (food, exercise) it has been extremely difficult to maintain any consistency. Went to the doctor and I obviously have gained back the 3lbs I lost and added a couple more for good measure. :( My schedule has been so hectic (between being sick, in pain, trying to finish a book, and close on a house) that I've been ---gasp---stopping at McDonald's or Dunkin Donuts in the morning. Yes, I should have made that blueberry smoothie but...well, but. So once again, I'm glad for new mercies and I will start again tomorrow. It's time to just do it and do it right.

I think. :)


Grams said...

Tracey - you are smart to keep 'showing up' - I just know God will honor that. Changing habits is like trying to stop an Indy 500 race car w/ a feather - but with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.
So excited Mair that the scale is showing a nice downward progress. Feels good. I'm sorry,I neglected to weight this morning - got up a half hour late. Had a difficult night due to worry - am co-leading a retreat this weekend and kept thinking of all these things we might have forgotten, needed to make a decision about, etc. So each time I had a thought I got out of bed and wrote the thought on a list and then left the house this morning without the list!!! I should have gone to bed at 10, when the Lord nudged me to do so but stayed up past 11 - disobedience! One disobedience created a whole string of setbacks. Praying God will redeem the messes I've made. Pray for me and 3 others as we lead a retreat this weekend - and for the 41 retreatants. Even tho I've read the devotions on obedience more times than I care to count, I need the reminders very much.

Confessions of An Overweight Chrisitan said...


Rom 8:1 There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

There is no condemnation, Tracey.

Yesterday I heard a great story by a preacher on TV - James Robison. His dog often goes where she is not supposed to go and gets a burr in her paw. The burr is painful, and the poor dog tries chewing her paw, but she can't get the burr out. So, she comes limping in the house.

James said he doesn't react in anger. He doesn't yell at her, "How many times have I told you not to go where the burrs are?" He doesnt' remind her of how many burrs he has already removed. He shows no rage nor anger, when she comes limping. Instead, he gently coaxes her to come to him, and then he gently removes the burr. He was giving that as an example of how we are to treat our mates and family members when they are less than perfect.

But to me, I see this as an example of our Lord Jesus. When we come to him and say, "Lord, I have been so busy, so overwhelmed, so sick and in pain, that I haven't eaten well."

He says, "Come unto me, my daughter who has been burdened down with so many troubles (fill in the blanks what your troubles are); come, and I will give you rest."

And so we come, humbly, and knowing we don't deserve his compassion for any disobedience or for any lack of discipline. And he gently takes us into his arms -without scolding or berating - and he loves us, comforts us, takes the burr out of our paw, and says, "Remember, I am here, whenever you need me. I would like for you to come to me even when you are not in trouble, for I love you."

The guilt and condemnation came from our accuser and it is now gone. We can go in peace.

I am writing this for me as much as for you, because I need to hear this too.

Love in Christ,

Tracey M. Lewis-Giggetts said...

Thank you everyone for your prayers. Treva, I do pray he honors at least this. Jean, all I can say Thank you for allowing God to speak to me through you. It was exactly what I needed in this season. God's grace and mercy is so hard to fathom sometimes. But you are right...and so I journey on. Thanks, sisters!

Confessions of An Overweight Chrisitan said...


You are very welcome. It is indeed my pleasure.


Alison Strobel Morrow said...

I forgot to post last week--wasn't trying to avoid anything, just forgot! :D So last week I lost three pounds, bringing my total to 5--and this past week I gained those 3 back when I went on vacation with my parents. We went with my parents and their form of entertainment is eating out--so we ate all lunches and dinners for 4 days at restaurants. I had salads occasionally, but also had dessert once or twice and some rather large gourmet hamburgers. Ugh. But I'm encouraged to know that, when I'm eating right and moving, I can lose the weight. Just need to get back to it! My new trick is to take the girls to the park and walk laps around the equipment while they play instead of sitting on a bench. Even when I'm pushing them on the swing I do laps around the swing set--push, push, walk, push, push, walk. :)

That information about how television affects the body's ability to know it's full was SUCH an eye-opener. We don't let our girls watch much TV, but there are two times a day that we almost always do--while they eat breakfast and lunch! Ak! No wonder they're always insisting they're still hungry! That habit is changing PRONTO.

Sistergirl said...

Just hoppin by, loved the post. Has anyone every thought that God is trying to teach those of us with weight issues something like "surrender." No one can loose weight on their own strengthn. You have to get on your knees and pray every day about those temptations. We have to exeercise with letting exercise be our "god." Will you change for the better with less weight? Mmmm, something to make you ponder.

Linda said...

For you see, each day I love you more
Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.