Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We Made it to the Second Week! WHEEEEEEE!

Oh, look at us lovies! We are really something. First of all, I want to commend you because you are here! Though some of you are still lurking. Speak up! It's only us folks who support one another, and if we ever needed each other on a journey, it's right now.

This week's memory verse is one that will serve us as well as the first week's. It is Hebrews 12:11: "For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant; later it yield's the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it." That's the kind of fruit I want to eat several daily portions of!

This week is about being mindful of our movement. It will be helpful for those of us who can to get a hold of one of those pedometers to do so, or to simply begin to log in some daily exercise. Dr. Oz recommends a daily half-hour. That's doable for most of us, and look at it this way, you can break it down into ten minute increments if you want to.

I have to confess, last week wasn't so great. I started out okay, but remember that trip to Breckenridge? Well... I got really sick. Not fibromyalgia sick. Friday morning, as I was preparing to leave, I kept sneezing. By the time I arrived I had what I thought was a cold, which turned into nasty sinus and ear,  infections, along with a wicked sore throat. I spent the majority of my time in Breckenridge asleep (but when I was awake I basked in delightful company. I was the baby in the bunch, and boy did those God divas ever inspire me! And may I say, I want to be like them when I grow up!) But I came home feeling worse! Finally, I went to the doctor yesterday, and spent the rest of the day and today mostly in bed. I'm emerging from my coma. I can almost hear, and my energy is picking up, though I'm mighty migrainey, so you'll pardon me if I take it a little easy until I feel better. I return to work tomorrow, and back to the program. On the bright side, being sick did wonders for my weigh in!

Okay, again, migrainy. I'm going to rest a bit. Sorry I've been so quiet. I love you!



ragamuffin diva said...

Weigh in!! I know; I know, but it's what we do. And one of these days you'll be glad we do it.

This week I'm 198.6 based on that same doctor's scale. I'm going to try to get my home scale to read the same thing, and that way I won't have to go to the doctor's office to weigh in. Like I said, I've been so sick, that I haven't had much left for anything else, but I'm really looking forward to this week's challenges. One thing I want us to focus on is that sustained weight loss is not a quick process. So be gentle with yourself. We're trying to instill habits to last us a lifetime. Slow and steady wins this race.

So, how about you? Where are you this week? Oh, yeah: evening and nights have always been my difficult times. When I have had insomnia--and when haven't I?-- middle of the night eating was always problematic.

Grace to you all, and let me hear from you quiet ones!


Grams said...

Mair - sick, Lord, Heal her - Jesus pour out your tender mercies on Mair. Clear her head; grant her rest and perfeect peace. thank you Jesus.
Today has been food galore day. I had a nice breakfast, then a friend brought me a huge homemade sticky bun when she came to work (friend? - she works w/ me and knows what I am up against. So instead of saying to this friend " What the heck are you thinking plopping this big juicy, gooey thing on my desk?" - I mean this sticky bun was big enough to sit on, so I just beamed with gratitude and slobbery joy, thanked her profusely and could hardly get the saran wrap off that thing fast enough. I must have eaten every particle, because a minute later it was gone, but I have no real memory of downing that thing. Now here I am, the marketing coordinator for Your Whole Life, and I have taken a bounding leap off the wagon. Then Carol Showalter got in to work and we talked about caring for ourselves by forgiving ourselves and 5 hours later I was eating a big piece of chocolate cake - and I don;t even like chocolate cake! I tell ya' folks, I am as flimsy as they come these days. As I write, I asking the Lord what was going on that I was so willing to to look away from Jesus - why didn't I lean on him just a little?
The momentary pleasure of food won out over the long term pleasure of having eaten healthy today because I was lusting after my will and I lusted after my will because my feelings were hurt by someone improtatn to me. It's as thought I get vindictive w/ myself. So crazy.
But tomorrow is a new day, and I will put my shoulder to the plow again and ask the Lord to renew my strength so I can mount up with wings like eagles! I need you folks.

ragamuffin diva said...

Treva, I think you're waaaay too hard on yourself, and I pray that you get the full measure of tender mercies--no more of them!--you asked I receive. I imagine our behaviors regarding food are deeply ingrained. Other numbing substances we can live without, but not food. So, when we're addicted to it like I am, well, we can inhale food without so much as tasting it. It takes time to be mindful. We're in a learning process. Mercy is a requirement. So be good to yourself, stop telling yourself you're the this or that and should be victorious, and be a child. It's okay. Use some other tools to help you in the journey if you have to. Nothing wrong with that. Easy does it, sis. Easy does it.

And big, big love.

Confessions of An Overweight Chrisitan said...

Mair, so sorry you were sick on your retreat. May you heal quickly.

I weigh in at the same as when I started last week. I was doing so well, losing between a half pound and a pound a day. I lost two pounds, and then Sunday I ate out. No dessert. Just three items on the plate. And still I gained. Monday morning I weigh a pound more than when I started! This morning I am back down to 263, where I started a week ago.

My biggest problem is not eating early enough. When I get up I'm not hungry, and before I know it hours have gone by and I haven't eaten. So, my breakfast may be the afternoon or even supper time. Then I end up eating my supper at very late hours in order to get in sufficient protein and vegetables. I think that is my biggest problem.

I'm praying for others, especially when they post their struggles so I know how to pray for them.


Tracey M. Lewis-Giggetts said...

So sorry that you were sick, Mair. The way you described the place I was looking forward to it for you! :) But I'm glad you got a chance to sit under the elders...that's always good.

Weighing in the same. No change...physically at least. But I think there is an awareness that wasn't there before. A sense that God is with me on this journey in a way that I don't think I've felt before. My biggest challenge is making sure that I eat regularly throughout the day. Because I have a tendency to get caught up in the stress of all the things that I do, I "forget" to eat and then when I hunger is raging and I eat everything in sight...or at least the wrong things. So that's what I'm working on. Being more conscious all day. I'm that's good. And I plan to jump on my bike this weekend and ride along the river. That lifts my spirits and helps these hips. A two-fer! LOL! Praying for you all, Tracey

Lois said...

Discipline - it's Saturday morning and I confess that I just jammed four days of devotions into one - talk about lack of discipline all week long! However, it was so good to do the readings and put on paper my thoughts to the reflect questions. I love the word picture of seeing the stars at night - just as seeing Jesus' healing touch upon me is seen more boldly during the "darker" times whereas it may be hidden from me in "lighter" times. Also, God's arm is long enough and strong enough to help me with my long list of hurts, frustrations, disappointments. The issue for me is will I sit through this stuff long enough without going to food to begin the healing? So, for starters, my discipline today is knowing that I've got a plan for what I'm going to have for three meals today. I know what needs to be picked up at the market and how it will be prepared. I know the snacks I will allow for myself. I know the foods that will not serve me well today. (I weighed in this morning and am down two pounds, but I doubt that loss has much to do with staying the course, but I'm accepting it as encouragement from the Lord today.)

Lois said...

Just a clarification - it's not that Jesus's healing touch is "hidden" from me in lighter times, but that I can't always see it, find it, feel it, believe it, accept it or even need it.

Alison Strobel Morrow said...

Here I am, jogging along a couple days behind y'all. I found my scale and whoooo, I was a lot heavier than I thought I was. So now my new baseline is 145. Ugh.

Overall this week I did well. I don't have the craving for sugar that I usually do, thank you Jesus! I'm stepping it up a notch this week by committing to try at least two different green smoothies. Bought the spinach today, have some bananas and oranges and frozen berry mixes. I'm totally freaked out at the thought but I've been wanting to do this a long time; this veggie-hater needs to figure out how to get fresh veggies past my lips.

I pray for you all every day! Hope your second week is going well!