Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Head Full of Birds: Week Three; 3D YOUR WHOLE LIFE

"Nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done." Luke 22:42

Oh, how I need this scripture now. Last week I ranted about my epic fail trying to work, and then had the pleasure of reporting on how blessed I was to still have a job. But I must say, sickness tries me. Hard. From the time I went to Breckenridge it's buffeted me. I turn to food when I'm discouraged. Last week was no exception.

In today's reflection Carol quoted the wise saying, "I can't stop the birds from flying over my head, but I can stop them from nesting in my hair."

Ummmmm... I'm gonna need to redo my hair, lovies. 'Cause I've been eating potato chips--bar-b-que ones--like they're going to stop making them and last week was my last chance to partake. I've been knocking back sodas. The first week I had NO soda at all. But oh last week's temptations in my weakness. I keep asking myself, "When will I be better enough to really exercise? Really do this right? Lovies, last week was so bad, I couldn't even find my books until this morning. Mercy!

I'm so encouraged however, by Carol's gentle voice in this third week reminding me of Jesus and his ever present aid in our time of need. She writes of our Lord, "Who is in a better position than he to assist us when we begin to weaken in our resolve, or even when we fall? Every day he sought out and accomplished the will of his Father. Can we not trust him to help us seek and do that same divine will? "Father, thy will be done."

I don't know how you all are doing. I hope you have had a week of triumphs, but if you haven't, you aren't alone. We're on a journey. Some of us are going to go slow and steady, while others will seemingly gallop right out of the gates and keep a trottin'. It doesn't matter which we are, as long as we're headed in the same direction, and to the same place.

I missed the whole exercise and watch your steps and physical activity thing last week. I stared my week nearly fainting at work, and ended it hobbling home from work with a cane. But God be praised. This week, while I'm ruminating on will power and making gradual changes, I'm going to take more time to look at Jesus, and gradual change into a person who spends time with him that's more intentional; less on the fly. I need Jesus. Last week made me see that so clearly. I need him so much, in so many ways.

How about you? Where are you? What are you doing? Are you gonna eat your veggies this week?

Much love,


ragamuffin diva said...

Weigh in! Oh man, I can't believe how much I hate this. I'm posting late because I've been dreading this ALL DAY.

Despite waaaaay too many chips and sodas, I weighed in today on the jacked up home scale at 195 lbs. It said 190, but Ken says it's off by five pounds. I think it's off by eight, but for once I'm happy to say Ken is probably right. LOL.

Anyway, that's me.

How 'bout you?

ragamuffin diva said...

Okay, for the record, I'm pretty sure I'm right, despite what Ken says (I guess I'm *that* kind of wife). I think I weigh at least 198 again. I may even be back to 200 or more the way I was eating, drinking, and being merry.

I go to the doctor in the morning. We'll see what that scale says (again).

Confessions of An Overweight Chrisitan said...

I've had a struggle with the scale ever since this started two weeks ago. I started at 263 and then dipped up and down and around that. Yesterday, finally, my scales read 260. And this morning, again they read 260. YaY, So, maybe I am losing again.

What I've been learning is that I can eat good tasting things in smaller portions. And Our Gracious Lord has been helping me overcome temptations such as ice cream. I've been blogging about my successes and failures on my blog.

Mair, don't despair. You are not behind, just start where you are.

What helps me is not bringing home the chips and the sodas or whatever my temptation is and buying good substitutes like yogurt, plums, apples, etc. So, I need the Lord's help when I shop, to pass by those things I shouldn't eat.

I want to thank those who prayed for me, your prayers are helping. I am praying for you who are walking out this 3D thing too!


Ally said...

Hey all... so i know i've been quiet since this begun, suffice it to say i haven't had a good start to this program. i'd say it's my depression, but that feels like such an excuse-- like c'mon on now, isn't it time i got with the freakin' program?! Is it truly that hard to get out of bed at a decent time, eat nutritious meals, exercise each day? Sigh. i think... i just feel too stuck, y'know? At least my weight has been steady, that's a plus. i'll be out of town this weekend, maybe being with friends will help me out of this rut.

Grams said...

Mair, I echo what Jean said - Begin where you are. And as St Benedict said, "Everyday we begin again." And scripture says, "His mercies are new every morning. Annnnd I know what Maggie Davis says - "a few small changes - pick one or two - no more and work on those." She also reminds us to rehearse the positive things we have done. I call it bragging on God. Mair I used to be an all-day, all-evening diet soda drinker. Now I am drinking water all the time - it is rare that I have soda. That's a big change for me and I praise God for changing me so I could change that habit. He is faithful and He is patient with us - "one day at a time sweet Jesus." And maybe we can say - "one habit at a time, sweet Jesus." Ally, maybe you could ask the Lord which thing you need to work on first- when you get out of bed, or some bit of exercise, or eating more fruit ...rather than the whole shabang. Jean,it is smart to not bring certain foods home and your scale says you are going in the right direction. Thank you Lord.
I moved last week!!!! My son-in-law mistakenly took some of my things to storage - one thing was my scales, but I can get them this weekend, so will share that next week.

The first line in Day 4's reading for week 3 in the devotions is a line to hang on to - " As Christians, we live between what we have been and what we are yet to become." That I need to remember!!!!

Grams said...

I clicked too soon - please keep praying for me from 4 until 10 PM - that's my REALLY hard time - when I could even eat dog food. I sense a subtle shift in the strength of the desire to inhale all edibles - but it is ever so subtle. I need your support, folks
Good heavens, here I sit at work w/ toothpaste on my shirt!!!

Grams said...

Just one more thing - you must read all of day 4 of week 3 in the YWL devotions as it speaks to our struggles that we've talking about here.
Such a good, good God to have this reading TODAY!

~Leslie said...

Hello All,
I'm about a week and two days behind, got my package late. Anyway. My first week was very exciting! I walked each day, some days twice. My energy level was high and I was thrilled to be apart of this 12-week life changing journey.

At the beginning of my second week I'd lost 2 lbs!!! YAY! I was very happy to see the numbers change. But two days in I got some VERY DISAPPOINTING news and while my overall attitude remained positive, it should up in my commitment here. I walked, it was more like a leisurely strole. I still did ok with eating, for the most part, but did have several sweets--even though I had NO DESIRE to eat them. Simply because that's how I've made it through tough times in the past--eating sweets!

Well, I've picked up my pedometer and am wearing it today. Trying to figure out just what adjustments I need to make so that it'll count my step accurately (and calories)!

My kids have been driving me crazy about exercising! I guess that what I get for gettng them involved in it. lol. I did it so that I would be held accountable. But these past few days I rued the moment I thought about this "great idea!" SMH You gotta love kids!

I'm feeling better today. Been reading each morning and again journaling my eating/feelings/reactions this week.

I've prayed for each of you as well as myself. Wishing each of you the best during this week!

Grams said...

Hey Leslie - You are a mover! That's great. LOL about your kids, but that's a good idea that they be heel nippers.
Exercising has been low on my list since moving as that was the other thing my son-in-law took to storage - my exercise bike - so it is on my list to get, too. I don't like to exercise, so when I get out of the habit I have a hard time getting started. Help and pray.

MaryAnn M said...

hugs hugs
dont let the scale dictate!!

muscle weighs more than fat but the pants fit better....and..hey...i can get on the scale and get a number, drink a bottle of water and WOOOHOOO..i just gained a POUND!

just keep moving and portion controls and yes, try to minimize the "comfort food sabotauge"

i followed a program that allowed ONE DAY to eat whatever you want and in whatever quantity. FREE DAY!! but the other six days you stick to the program...and when hit with a tempting yummy thing just say "yes..oh yes! i will definitely be allowed that on Friday" ...and as you feel the strength you can take it home and keep it wrapped in the fridge.

be healthy...inside to out.
love yourself.

ragamuffin diva said...

Jean, I'm so proud of you! Yay!!!! Sounds like you're making some really good choices. You're changing, and I enjoyed reading about it on your blog. I hope others go over and check out your progress there, too!

Ally, sweetie, that idea of getting with the freakin' program when you're in a major depressive episode is just another thing to make you feel guilty. Take a teensy weensy baby step and call it a victory. I know how hard depression is, and you aren't the only one here with it. So hang in there with us, and know that our prayers and most gentle encouragement and loving support are with you.

Treva, I'll be praying. And may I add your encouragement means so much to me. Thank you so much.

Leslie, do yo' thang, girl! It's such a delight to hear of your progress. This is sooooo exciting.

MaryAnn, it's always a pleasure to hear from you.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! Ken was closer to being right than I was. The scale is off by six pounds. I weigh 196, two down from my last doctor visit. I lost eight pounds this month. Astonishing!

Tracey M. Lewis-Giggetts said...

Okay. The good news is that I'm down 3lbs. The not so good news is that I'm not sure how that happened. LOL!! Another way of saying my food journal is empty. :) But I'm trucking along. A tough fibro week but acupuncture helped. This past week was about discipline and that has truly been my thorn. But I made some effort. Planned my meals out. Mostly gluten and dairy free. Mostly. :) In the book, Carol says, "Preparing healthy food and exercising daily are both sacred work." That knocked my socks off. I know the whole "my body is the temple thing" but this seemed to resonate with me more. It kind of takes the option out of by aligning movement and healthy eating with prayer and worship. The whole stewardship thing came to mind. Anyhoo, that's where I am. Know that I'm praying for every single one of you. - Tracey

Alison Strobel Morrow said...

Today I start week 3. Just weighed myself--143! Two pounds lost and I'm completely happy with that. I really need to work on the fruits and veggies--I have a hard time justifying it, believe it or not, because I tend to underbuy on them and then think, "My girls need them more than I do." I tend to assume my health is a lost cause--that I'll never eat well consistently, that I'll never be able to kick my sugar addiction, that I'll never be in good shape. So I figure I might as well 'invest' the fruit and veggies I buy in my girls and not in myself. What I *really* need to do is start buying more of them and less snack food, and eating those for my snacks. I wouldn't balk so much at the price of fresh produce if I wasn't also spending money on snack stuff. Though now that I think about it, I don't eat a ton of snack stuff--though my girls do. I tend to just not eat between meals unless I'm starving, and that's not healthy either. Guess maybe I need to start trying to feed them more fruits and veggies for snacks and fewer graham crackers and cheese sticks. Though that's a whole 'nother issue, trying to get my girls to eat healthy food. They've inherited their mama's taste for carbs. :(

Anyway...alright folks, here it is in printing for all the world to see so I have some accountability. :) I pledge this week to a) have at least three green smoothies, and b) to have veggies with every dinner. It's pure laziness that 'prevents' me from doing either of these regularly; I always feel like it's so much trouble to go through when I'm the only one eating them. But I can't let that excuse stop me any longer. And maybe I can turn my girls on to green smoothies if I don't tell them what's in them--I certainly couldn't taste the spinach in the first one I made last week.