Tuesday, September 21, 2010

After the Epic Fail Rant

Believe or not, and even I find it hard to believe, I went to work on Monday and all that happened was my coworkers and boss asked me if I were okay. Some people said they were praying for me.

Wow. Just wow.

Later that day my co-teacher said I was one of the best teachers she's worked with so far. That was very kind of her. I try to be creative. I like to bring a little magic to my classroom. Two-year-olds are very responsive to magic, though it's darned hard to keep their attention long enough to make it happen. It's a job all right, but my point is, it's a job that I still have.

I am so grateful.

I want to thank you all for your kindness. I've had a good couple of days. Yesterday, I found myself feeling kinda healthy! I knew without a doubt prayer was holding me up. Your prayers. I have a doctor's appointment on Thursday, and other than that, I think I'll get a whole week in with NO SICKNESS. I did have to have my son Kamau bring my cane to work at the end of the day, but that's all right. That's fibro, and it is what it is. I'm just happy I made until 5 pm.

And guess what? I'm gonna to have a Starbuck's Frappuccino and get started on that memoir tonight. Can you believe it???

I love you. Talk to you tomorrow!



Bella Scarlett said...

Amen! Thanks be to God for His mercy.

Terry said...

YAY! This is GREAT news! Feel the love!

Marti Pieper said...

I've been off-blog/out of the loop but will pray. That epic rant was, well, epic (but warranted). Glad you're doing better; will pray for you as you live Jesus for those snot-nosed sweethearts!

Grams said...

Glory to God. He loves you BIG - really BIG.

~Leslie said...

WONDERFUL news to hear!! His mercies are new every morning!!

love, love, love the new look here on your blog. it's feeling more and more like you!


Carol Showalter said...

Praise God Claudia.....every day is a new beginning. Blessings on your day.