Wednesday, September 08, 2010

3D YOUR WHOLE LIFE!!! And So We Commence!

Today some friends and I begin a journey to healing. I want to welcome my lovies, some of which are new to my blog. Thank you for joining me, Katherine, Leslie, Jean, Alicia, Christa, Ally, Tracey, Patricia, Alison, my sister Carly, Hugh, and Lois. And I can't forget Treva! She's the one who was gracious enough to send you all complimentary copies of the book and journal. I, of course, am Claudia Mair Burney. I prefer to be called Mair (rhymes with fire), but don't worry. I'm not going to bust your chops if you call me Claudia. We come from all over the united states: from Alabama, and Georgia; Oklahoma, and Michigan; Louisiana, and Indiana; Pennsylvania, Florida, Colorado, and New York. I'm not sure where Hugh is from. Perhaps he'll tell us. I'm sure we have lurkers from all over, too. Oh, the wonders of the world wide web. Welcome, welcome all! If I'm not mistaken, we are the first 3D YOUR WHOLE LIFE virtual group. This is going to be good!

Some of you have just received your books, and you haven't begun to dig in yet. You'll find that in the first few chapters are illustrious guides, Carol Showalter and Maggie Davis. Carol started the first Christian diet program thirty-five years ago--don't worry Carol. We won't do the math. Carol tells us the story of how 3D began. Maggie chimes in with her gentle encouragement to us to abandon rigid diets and to take it easy! The changes we make will be gradual, and based on sound nutritional guidelines. We want our changes to last, beloved friends. But don't worry. You simply cannot fail in this group unless you completely drop out. If you do one thing: decrease your portions, walk every day, embrace a scripture you learned in the devotions, you would have changed your life for good. So be encouraged. Maggie says in the book, "During this process you will  learn not only to enjoy eating right but also how to know yourself in a deeper and more meaningful way. This is a journey as much as it is a destination. There will be speed bumps, stop signs, and detours on the road--but you will use this program to keep you traveling on your journey to eating right and achieving better health." And that's not all, but before I get to the really good stuff, I've got some other essentials to enjoying this program completely to share with you.

First, I want you all to participate. Comment on how excited you are, or afraid, or whatever! Your comments are so very important. I don't know you're here, or what you're doing if you don't comment. It's all right to be transparent here. Most of you know on this blog I'm Saran wrap. You can see right through me. I know some of your stories already, and I can assure you that I moderate all the comments, and I won't let anyone hurt you for your vulnerability.

Next, do the things that are listed in The Plan section for week 1: fill out the Initial and Quarterly Health Assessment, determine your Body Mass Index and Health risks, and do use the YOUR WHOLE LIFE JOURNAL every day. Carol and Maggie encourage us to use a pedometer to determine how many steps we take in an average day. I have to confess, I need to buy one, fast! But if you don't have one yet you can still exercise. Also, do something to pretty up your world. A fresh flower or a nice plant on the kitchen table would be lovely.

Finally, and most importantly, we're going to fall in love more deeply with God our Beloved. Read your daily devotions, and memorize your scripture verse. Pray for five people, daily, and don't neglect to pray for everyone in our group. I'll start us off with the 3D Prayer in the back of the book:

Dear Lord,

This is a new day
That means I can expect from your hand
     all I need to live.
Help me to know
Your grace is sufficient
Your power is overwhelming
     and your peace and joy are here for the asking.
I need you in so many practical ways, Lord
I need you to help me choose the right spirit
     at the beginning of the day
I need you to help me with my family
     the work I need to get done
     and the pressures that come at me
     before my eyes are even open.
I need you to go ahead of me every step of the way
You will do that
This day is yours
I am yours.
Thank you for loving me and giving me
     the gift of life today.
When I am ready to close my eyes
     at the end of this day
May I say with a steady voice:
I have loved you more today than I did yesterday
But not as much as I will tomorrow.
Make it so, dear Lord.

Yummy! That was some good prayer!

There are just a few more things I need you to do as we begin. In the back of your book there's a commitment card. Sign it. It's like your contract. Let it encourage you to stick with this. Also, I want you to visit the 3D YOUR WHOLE LIFE website. You can find it here. There are lots of valuable resources available on the site. Use them! I also want to tell you about another helpful book that I'm using. You can order a copy from the 3D website. It's called SURRENDERING HUNGER. It's a wonderful devotional with daily readings for those of us who struggle with food issues. You'll find in it a straight-talking (love that!) meditation, and a prayer to give you strength and hope for this fantastic journey. It's written by Jan Johnson, and I promise you'll find her words insightful.

Every Wednesday we'll check in, but you can post a comment any day this week, at any time.  I work from 8-5, Monday through Friday, but when I get off, I'll be around to post your comments. So don't worry if you don't see them right away. We have to do a weigh in, lovies. It's part and parcel of the journey, and it helps to track our progress, though we aren't looking at weight alone as the indicator of our success. But any weight loss program will require a weigh in. It's just how they roll. I'll go first, as horrifying as the thought is. You'll find that number in the comments.

So go, my dears! Exercise, eat right, love God, and bring some beauty and order to your life. You can do it!

Much love, and prayers for all of you!



ragamuffin diva said...

Weigh in!!!

Okay, I'm sorry to say I weigh a whopping 204.5 lbs according to the doctor's scale. My own scale is broken, but I'll try to figure out my weight on it every week, just the same. My Body Mass Index is a 37. That means I'm solidly (no pun intended) obese. I think a contributing factor, besides the fact that I'm not very intentional about exercise, is that I'm taking a medication that causes weight gain. In fact, I'm taking two of them that mention weight gain as a major side effect. So, I'm weighing (again, no pun intended), prayerfully, whether or not I should continue with these meds. One of them is for pain, and I have to say, sometimes it's very effective. The other is an antidepressant, which is also effective. It's a hard choice, and switching meds is such a crap shoot. So, pray with me, and meanwhile, I'll see if being intentional about matters of food and exercise will help.

Now, tell me where you are, dears.

PatriciaW said...

I weighed yesterday. 184.4. I'm excited about that for two reasons. One, my all-time high, which I hit last year, was 214. Those were dark days!

Second, I'm not getting a lot of sleep right now due to a big project at work. Sleepy equates to eating, especially carbs, for me. Not good. So after this past weekend, I thought sure I'd gained 5 lbs. In fact, I lost 1. I'll take it!

I'm on Day 24 of my latest 30-day challenge. That's how I've been doing it. I challenge myself to 30 days of life improvement, something I want to change significantly forever. Exercise has been the biggie, so I'm doing 30 straight days of exercise. This is my third challenge. I "won" the first one, "lost" the second, and I've got 7 days to go in this third one.

I've got two objectives: I need to lose another 30-40 lbs and I'm hoping to draw closer to God such that my struggles with weight become a thing of the past, including the "pig-outs" like I did this past week.

Grams said...

Hi Mair, I am praying for everyone in this group. My emotions are mixed - am excited and scared in spite of being the marketing coordinator of Your Whole Life. Weight and image have been my lifelong companions. Getting my messy thinking about those 2 topics is like turning the Queen Mary around. But the kind Holy Spirit persists w/ me reminding me that everyday we begin again (thank you St Benedict). already this morning I had a hard (hard for me) decision. At a meeting that began at 8 AM, there were yummy muffins to eat, but I asked the Lord and he said 'no', so I didn't eat any - I WANTED all those muffins for me!! I am greedy, too. But by the grace of God I didn't give in to myself. The meeting wore on and I was getting so hungry, but waited until it was over at 9:30!!! Then ate my yogurt, blueberries and homemade granola. Thank you Jesus.
I weigh 240 lbs, Mair and MY scales work!! Since the first time I met w/ Maggie some yrs ago I've made some gradual changes that have stuck - I only drink plain water, unsweetend decaf tea, and milk - and I had been a huge diet soda pop drinker. I also now take a vitamin and am eating more fruit and veggies. My really, really difficult time of the day starts about 4 and lasts until I go to sleep at night. Again the kind Holy Spirit has shown me many things that are behind - coming home from school to an abusive, extremely emotionally damaged parent, and still wanting a husband (am twice widowed) coming home at the end of a work day. That's it in a nutshell. so if you think of me in the late afternoons and in the evenings, pray that I will grab hold of the grace that God has available to me so I can not be a maniac w/ my feelings through food. Glad to be a part of this group!

Grams said...

HI Patricia - I am committed to praying for you on this 30 day challenge. You go girl.

Ally said...

i'm nervous, but hopeful. i feel i've always had an issue with food- most of my family is overweight and i can't think of a time that my mother wasn't on a diet, about to be on a diet, just off a diet, etc. So i feel i grew up with the notion that food was the enemy and i should have more self-discipline. i think that's why i seem to gravitate toward anorexic behavior- if i could just force myself to not eat and thus be thin, i would be a good person. Currently, i am overweight (ok, let's be real, obese), and like Mair, much of it stems from not being intentional about exercise and the fact that i've been on antidepressants for most of the past decade. In fact, i was underweight my freshman and sophomore years of high school and saw a 75-pound weight gain within the first 12-18 months after i was put on an excessive amount of psychotropic drugs. i’ve since put on another 50 pounds over the past five years or so. My weight right now is 226 pounds, so that puts my BMI at a 40. Good news is, i think i’ve lost a couple pounds in the last month, not so good news of course is, i still need to lose 100 pounds. As i said earlier, i’m nervous about this challenge—i’ve been in the midst of yet another depressive episode, so please pray that God gives me the courage and strength to stick this out. All that said, i’m thankful Mair has given us all the opportunity to come together as a community and i can’t wait to meet the rest of y’all. :-)

Lois said...

I really prefer keeping my weight a secret, but I suspect that all my secrets are part of my food disease so I best come clean with you all. The scale said 192.5 this morning (and that would be totally naked as I wanted every possible benefit imaginable). Just a few weeks ago, I was 8 pounds less. How the heck did this happen? Well, I know that my disciplines and structure have gone down the tubes in the past few weeks - just pretending to be "normal". I'm quite unhappy (not totally miserable) with the weight gain, and know that God does have the answer. Oh, but I have to make the choices here. Like Gram, every afternoon until I go to bed are my tough times and have been since I was very young. I haven't been willing to look at why this is. Jesus, please prepare my heart and show me.

ragamuffin diva said...

Hey, I'm back, y'all! What a day at work. Whew! I've been kicked, bitten, climbed on, and hit--and today was a good day! Of course, there were the above stressors, and I want to EAT! EAT! EAT! But that's how I got this size. It's time for change.

I want to say that everyone was/is nervous about revealing their weight, but maybe shining the light on it will not shame us, but sober us into action. And this is action. The hard part is putting the discipline to our ardent God-love.

Ally, we've got some challenges here: we both have had anorexic, behaviors--bulimic too, for me. And we both take medication that causes weight gain, so for us, the al anon slogan applies: easy does it. What we are learning is how to be healthy, and how to know that what we're doing is enough. We're going to be intentional, but we're not trying to be a couple of bags of bones. It's important for us not to compare our weights to anyone elses, or set false goals.

Pat, you're doing it, girl! And I'm godly proud of you. Treva, I hear your struggle. Perhaps you can begin again every few hours. St. Benedict won't mind. But I want to encourage you to hang in there. Make sure you have a healthy snack for when the munchies hit. Fruit or veggies instead of sweets may go a long way toward squashing your physical hunger. As for the soul hungers. We have to pray, pray, pray. I used to eat when I was sad, or lonely, or nervous about some change. That means I ate all the time, until I found myself eating like a robot. No thought. Just eating. But we aren't robots. We're temples. So, why not make our lives beautiful. When you face a lonely house, put some flowers on the table, and absorb their beauty. Or change the color of your dining room. Or invite a friend over. Go to the park and have a picnic. Do what you have to do. If we don't make our lives bearable, who else is gonna do it.

I'm praying for all of you. Lois, you left us with a lovely benediction. "Jesus, prepare my heart and show me." Amen. Now, let's be brave when faced with what he shares with us about our habits.

Much love!
mair, who is off to make dinner!

ragamuffin diva said...

Treva, can you tell us which passages we're supposed to memorize, and how often we're expected to do so? I haven't been able to figure that out.

Ally said...

Ahhh... so i just ate supper with the family (whoo for college drop outs who still live the 'rents!) and oh. my. gosh. --i think i'd almost forgotten all the comments my mother makes about food, weight, etc. Nevermind the fact that she seems to approach Weight Watchers as the greatest diet program in the world-- suddenly the the goal of 3-5 servings (serving size = 1/2 c. cooked, 1 c. raw/leafy greens) of vegetables/day was "too much food". Uhm, what?

Sigh. i knew prior to all this that my choice in food consumption would still be fairly limited (breakfast on my own, as is lunch most of the time) buuut... i don't know, just that this doesn't help me.

Please pray-- my parents and i have a better relationship now than what we've had my entire life, but there's still so much work to be done in terms of communication, acceptance, all that good stuff. Thanks guys.

ragamuffin diva said...

We are praying, Ally. Hang in there. We love you, just as you are.

Tracey M. Lewis-Giggetts said...

Okay. So I'm here. Blessed and present. I'm grateful for Mair and the support of my sisters (and brother). I'm looking forward to growing with you and I pray that we can "shake some stuff loose" together. LOL! One of my challenges with the program is the fact that I need to have a gluten-free, dairy-free diet to keep my fibromyalgia in check. I don't know how that is going work but I'm willing to walk it out. weight...I don't know. That's tough for me to say. :) If I'm honest, I don't really want to put it out there. I don't even think my husband knows. LOL! But let's just say I'm about a quarter past 200. ABOUT. (It just sounds better when I say that) I know, I know. I have to do it. And I will. By the end of the week, I promise. Last time I check my BMI it was 39%. Yeah, not so great.

So that's where I am right now. Looking forward to journey! - Tracey

Confessions of An Overweight Chrisitan said...

Lost my comment, so have to start over. I'm thankful for the opportunity to participate in this group of fellow pilgrims on our walk with Jesus. And, thanks for the free books!

I don't like to publicize my weight, but here goes: In February I weighed 280 pounds. I had never weighed that much in my entire life. It scared me! I went to the doctor for help and asked to be referred to a nutritionist who would help me. The doctor, a pretty, fit and slim, middle-aged female, said I did not need to see a nutritionist. I was not a child. I didn't need anyone to tell me what to eat. I was an adult. I just needed to take responsibility and eat right! I was supposed to return in a month showing her a much skinnier me. I haven't returned yet.

In 7 months I've only lost 17 pounds. I now weigh 263. It's been such a struggle because my weight seems to fluctuate so much from day to day. I can gain five pounds in one day and then take three weeks to get it back off again. Because of hip and feet problems I am not able to exercise as I should.

I eat for comfort and I think also out of boredom. I used to never get bored because I was so involved with life.

I can't seem to stay awake except at the computer, and then I've fallen asleep many times reading or writing an email. I need to go to the doctor and see if my CPAP needs to be adjusted.

As Carol Showalter said in the book, "here we are: the fat, the sleepy and the sloppy," I am all of those. I need Gods' grace and strength to get my life back on track to health. I don't want to die young before I have done all that the Father has created me to do. I need prayer.


Grams said...

Thanks Mair for the encouragement. I need that daily. Fortunately I work right across the room from Carol Show and we give verbal support to each other throughout the day - frequently.
So, Mair, what a day you had at work; reminds me of when I worked as an aide for an autistic child who was a biter. I went around humming Jesus Loves Me all day just to keep from going over the edge w/ him.
The scripture verse to memorize is on the title page preceding the weeks devotions. For week one it is 'Be still and know that I am God" Psalm 46:10A. Power packed verse.
And just an fyi for those who haven't figured this out - Grams is also Treva. I am glad to have this group of people to yammer w/ and be in prayer with. Yall have a great day because God is God!!

ragamuffin diva said...

Hey, Tracey! Girl, we are going to do this and help our fibro, too. God is with us! And welcome! Thanks for sharing your weight (about! lol). I know it's hard, and tonight, I lost the battle with a carmel apple and some ice cream. And a second helping at dinner. Mercy! What a night! Like St. Benedict said, "We begin again." I've resisted a lot of junk, and I've had no soda in these last two days. That's a miracle, lovies.

Confessions, it's great to have you. The comments are moderated so I can avoid the spammers I sometimes get, but I think I'll just let the comments flow this weekend, and if I get any spam, delete it later. I found your comments, and didn't publish the ones that were redundant, though your first comment may have been lost.

I'm so sorry you had such a sucky experience with that doctor. She obviously hasn't taken a look around her to see that many adults struggle with weight. Frankly, American culture makes it easy to get fat, and many thinkers and nutritionists are making the connections between society and the epidemic of obese Americans. Hang in there, and could you please tell us your name?

Much love!

Confessions of An Overweight Chrisitan said...

Confessions = Jean. I signed my name at the end of my post. :)

Grams said...

Jean - am in this fight w/ you. Repeat that memory verse for the week - Be still and know that I am God. What a statement! What a god. He will show how to care for yourself properly and he will enable you to do that. I will believe for you; please believe for me.

Alison Strobel Morrow said...

I haven't even been upstairs yet since coming home from our vacation, but I wanted to comment before I went to bed. I am SO excited to be doing this. I have to find my scale for future weigh-ins, but a few weeks ago I was 137, so I'm going to use that as my starting weight. Now, lest you think, "Oh great, one of those normal-weight people who *thinks* she's overweight"--I'm not all that worried about losing weight, though I would love to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 125 so I can actually fit my clothes again. What I'm really looking forward to is eating more healthily and, most importantly, getting both my body and my spiritual life in shape. I don't exercise, I'm completely undisciplined in almost every area of my life but my writing, and my life is completely unbalanced. I think getting all that fixed will lead to losing some weight, too, but that's not my goal as much as the other stuff is.

~Leslie said...

Hello Mair and Fellow Walkers on This Whole Life Adventure. I'm a bit late, VERY excited, but late. I just got my package on Saturday so my first day was yesterday.

I weighed in at 150 lbs. I am definitely overweight as I'm a short petite person, but after three children, living with depression and living life I'm not exactly where I'd like to be physically.

I've been walking and we thrilled to join in on this 12 week intentional work towards a better self. I'm looking forward to putting exercise in my daily routine, having a definite time for spiritual growth and eating healthfully at every meal.

I will be lifting each of you up in prayer and looking forward to growing with you all.

Much warmth ladies & gent!