Monday, August 30, 2010

Today and the Terrific Twos

So, I started my job this morning. Those two year olds really put it to me. They climbed on my like I was a Jungle Gym, and boy oh boy, do I remember now why that age group is called "the terrible twos." But they're also, and I'd dare they're more so "the terrific twos," because it's been a long time since I've been around such an honest, more loving group of people. Two year olds express their feelings, whatever those feelings may be. They may not be sophisticated expressions, but you know when they are happy, or angry, or affectionate, or frustrated. They are quick to forgive. Indeed, they did teach me a lot.

Fortunately, the lesson of being quick to forgive came to me sooner than today. As I read through recovery literature, specifically Al Anon, I realize the person who I've had such trouble relating to lately--the person who had become a veritable stranger, was sick. It's hard for me to be angry at a sick person. I find it difficult to sustain righteous indignation at a person who is already battered by their own guilt. The more I read, the more my heart softened. That twelve step stuff is powerful! I know the slogans are so familiar to us that it's tempting to see them as cliche, but when I let go and let God, God worked on that person. He didn't need my help or meddling in the process. When I told myself, "Easy does it," the drive to give up on our relationship dissipated, and I found myself with a little patience. Saturday, my Godbaby Ty got married to her first and only love, Isaiah. Love was in the air, and I found my fractured relationship healing by the words we heard in the church, the swinging jazz music, laughter, friends, and good food. It was like Babette's feast! By the end of the day, we were all dancing, singing, and in love.

As you know, my birthday is Wednesday. Books were mailed to my lovies today, and we'll begin our virtual 3D Your Whole Life journey. I'm also giving myself permission to be an artist. I'm looking forward to the new me. Or maybe I'm looking forward, in many notable ways, to the old me; the most authentic me; the me I've been all along, down deep inside.

Not much to report today, so we'll see what tomorrow holds. I'm waiting on Frederica to email me the answers for my interview questions about the Jesus Prayer book. I think you'll enjoy her very much. So do stay tuned. We have other surprises and guests in store, too.

May I say, I'm so happy to share my life with you.

In love,


MaryAnn M said...

you sound good. life is returning to you...Spring time in August/Sept.
yes...i enjoy my grandbaby so much cuz, yes, at least i know where i stand with him on a moment by moment basis. usually its a blissful love :-)

MaryAnn M said...

oh...and Happy Birthday!

Terry said...

and we are thrilled that you're sharing your life with us. Enjoy a two-year old kind of day! love, T

~Leslie said...

i'm all smiles!!!
glad love has taken over!!!!


Heidi Renee said...

good news you have such energetic ministering angels :)

so happy about the renewal of love, so very happy. prayers here will continue.

enjoy your 24 Mair! (my captcha is restedl - appropriate for me today) much love!

Ms. Camile said...

this post made me smile. So poetic. Love this. Love you!