Monday, August 02, 2010


Endings can be hard. Beginnings can be frightening, but sometimes God sends hope in these thin places between your old life and your new one. It pads softly into your room when you're up wondering how many more sleepless nights you'll endure, pulls the covers up over your shoulders and whispers like a kind mama, "Everything will be all right." You hear wisdom in her voice, and you can rest.

Grace to you,


MaryAnn M said...

got my book today! yippee...

on another note...the HOPE post is what my daughter just sorta said in her facebook update.
it is gonna be alright. peace.

its a message that my dear friend's heart needs to hear whispered to her by the Lover's Voice. hubby is undergoing radiation and chemo and she is runnin out of positivity and sunshine in the face of no one having "good news" to help bolster her "puppet show" of sorts to keep his spirits up.

i will trust in a Big God that is near them always.
thanks for the book.

i may..more than deleting my blog visits to ya won't be as frequent...God Bless.

GailNHB said...

I love that image. So beautiful. I'm gonna have to check out that website.

And your words, girl, your words. Endings, beginnings, hope, clinging always to hope and trust and faith in the One who never walks away. Even when He seems so very silent, He's still there.

Peace to YOU - Gail

~Leslie said...

You are totally vibin' on my wave length!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR WORDS!! I need this padding between our old & new lives!


ragamuffin diva said...

I'm so happy you got the book MaryAnn. Thanks for sharing your stories, and don't worry, like Motel 6, I'll leave the lights on for ya. Visit whenever you can. I'll love you just the same. I know what it is to let go of a blog. You may be surprised by a desire to return to it, however.

Gail, your "voice" nourishes me. We're going to have to write or call soon.

Les, vibin' together is how you and I roll. I think we're soul twins. Sitting across from you at dinner that night, I kept thinking, we are so much alike, only Leslie is cooler. LOL.

Lisa said...

definitely needed this reminder today. thanks!