Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Guess Who Has a Job!

Well, there are benefits to dragging your carcass out of bed and engaging life. This afternoon I got a call back for a job interview at a child care center. It's very close to the house, an easy walking distance. Apparently, God has a sense of humor. I'm going to be working with children.

Truth be told, this couldn't have come at a better time. I need to re-establish a more normal rhythm of life. I think it will be good for me. I think kids will be good for me, and of course, there is the satisfaction of doing work I know I'm capable of, and have years of experience doing. There is a dignity that comes with work. I've missed it, even though I've been writing for six years (work!), but I haven't penned a good word since I turned in X3 in February.

Not that I think a job will magically heal me of depression, but it will keep me busy. I made an appointment today to see a doctor. A few friends have told me, "It's time to see a professional." Not that I didn't know that.

So, there it is. I'll keep you posted. Please keep praying for me. I'm lifting you and your needs to God, even as I type.



Heidi Renee said...

awesome news! congrats - have been out of the blogging world because of vacay & internet down - so happy mair!

Juanita said...

"Enclosed behind and before...
God...Your hand upon me.
I am surrounded,
'held' captive,
trapped by God!
Oh the comfort of being
covered in the security
of the Sovereign."
--Based on Psalm 139:5

I wrote these words in the summer of 2007. And I remember the day and where I was, and how the words came to be. I was struggling still with depression and anxiety, and was gripped by fear again that I might never get better. This verse in Psalms so captured my soul and brought immense comfort.
We are in His sovereign care(not that we always feel this way)
Blessings as you trudge onward.

Erin Wilson said...

Yay!! Praying that it is everything you need it to be!


Bella Scarlett said...

That is wonderful news. Routines and work do help with depression. Praying that God gives you the strength you need each day.

~Leslie said...

i'm so happy for you!!!
children are great. they will push your buttons but not all buttons are bad, right?! :D children have a way of bringing out the best in us. i pray this regularity gets you back into the flow of things!
lifting you up with each pray i breathe!

Lisa said...

congrats! praying there will be fresh and new life coming your way :)

wulfblade7 said...

Hey, Im happy for you. Hey, quick questions for yall Christians. I am a Christian. Even though I don't believe anything in the bible or in Christianity itself I have been indoctrinated to the point where I say "In Jesus Name we pray" when finishing some prayers and have not had a reason to deny the holy spirit. Even though I don't believe in him, its kind of habitual. Well here's the question. If as Christians, all our sins are forgiven by the crucifixion of Jesus, then that means Christian rapists and child molesters, murderers and thieves all absolved of any wrong doing. But all good non-christians go to hell. Why do Christians feel comfortable going to the same heaven as their tormentors here on earth? In that case, Hitler and McVeigh are there in heaven right now for us.

Renee said...

My mom suffered from bipolar.... and kids were her saving grace. praying this job helps you to get through day by day

GailNHB said...

Congrats, my dear. You will teach a lot and learn even more from those little people. God does have a great sense of humor and timing!

Peace to you, Gail

Nedra said...

Congratulations on your new work assignment. Prayerfully you'll be encouraged by and encouraging to those you come in contact with. Blessings!