Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Weight of Shadows: A Weighty, Beautiful Novel

There are two reasons why I loved my bff-lovie Alison Strobel Morrow's newest novel, The Weight of Shadows before I ever read a word of it: first, it's dedicated to me! Yes, lovies, Ali loves me that much. Okay, seriously, it deals with a woman in an abusive relationship. She knows I've been there, done that, a wear the scars, some of them physical, but most of them on the deep soul level. What a wonderful honor to be remembered by such an amazing writer, and such an important work. The second reason I loved this book before I read it is because Alison Strobel Morrow is a writer to watch for years to come, a storyteller along the lines of another bff lovie of mine, Lisa Samson, and she wields the pen mightily in this novel.

Right away you like the characters, and I must say, immediately the tension begins. I just knew that darned Rick would be trouble! And oh boy, was he ever. Alison takes you right into the pain, but she also offers the way out for most battered women: through a community--albeit sometimes a surprising community--of people who care enough to want to see you through to the other side. And that's where the real work begins.

The Weight of Shadows is, quite simply, superlative Christian fiction that will grip, move, challenge and delight you. Alison, girlfriend, I'm so proud of you. Well done!

Here's the stuff from the back of the book:

After a difficult childhood, Kim has built a successful life for herself. She'd leave it all, though, if she could be rid of her guilt over a tragic mistake she made years ago. When she meets Rick, she finds everything she needs, even a way for her to pay for her sins.

Kim and Rick's new neighbor, Joshua, knows more than Kim realizes about Rick, but Joshua has battles of his own to fight. Having already lost his wife and his job, he risks giving his in-laws the ammunition they need to gain custody of his daughter if he gets involved.

Debbie, who has saved countless women through the shelter she runs, has the power to help, but she might be as desperate for love as the women she serves. Ultimately, Kim must decide if her penance is more important than protecting an innocent life - and if she should dare leave Rick when he has the power to bring her hidden crime to light.

A gripping novel, The Weight of Shadows explores how the choices we make - and the courage we find to forgive - can touch the lives of others forever.


Jan Marie said...

This sounds like a wonderful book that deals with sensitive material. I actually have the book in Kindle for PC format but would love to have a hard copy of it.


Alison Strobel Morrow said...

Thank you so much, girlfriend. Your words mean so much to me. Big hugs!!!

MaryAnn M said...

havent got your book yet...perhaps you hit a snag. thats ok...just wanted to let you know in case you sent it and then i never responded with a proper thank you and review :-)
so much on my plate this month..woo..busy! you must be too.
hope you are well.

GailNHB said...

Sounds like a fantastic book. And it must mean so much to you because of that dedication and your ability to relate to the story line as well as how to gain victory over such sorrows - even if it takes a long time and many tears.

I liked the earlier piece as well - the one about being no ways tired. To God be the glory for restoring your vibrant soul-deep colors, my distant friend. Praise Him!

ragamuffin diva said...

Hey there! I just wanted to say thanks to my fine blog hostess and to her readers. I have been really excited to see how many people are thinking of picking up the book because of the reviews they read during the blog tour. And thank you to everyone who entered the contest! I'll be drawing a winner on July 18 and posting it on my blog. If you haven't stopped by my blog or website yet, I hope you'll pop over sometime and say hi in the comments or on the guest book. Also, if you're interested in hearing about my next releases and any other exciting news that happens to come up, please sign up to receive my announcements--the sign-up is on my website. I have another novel coming out in September, two more next year, and two children's books that my husband and I wrote (the first of which comes out August 1), so there will be plenty of news coming, and I try to host contests now and then on my blog, too. 

Thanks again! And if you do decide to pick up The Weight of Shadows and give it a read, please come tell me what you thought of it. I mean it. :)