Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hello!!! I'm Back!

I know. Long time no post, right? But I've been traveling (to Chicago) and doing deep, brooding things, including deciding on a new look for raga-d. Like it? I picked it to match my cover. LOL.

I've applied for graduate school, y'all. Yepper, I'm begging the fine people at XULA like a rhythm and blues singer to be let into Xavier's Institute of Black Catholic Studies in beautiful NOLA. I'm begging God with equal fervor. Oh, man. I want this so, so much. If all goes well, I'll be working on a Masters of Theology in a few short weeks. We shall see!

I've also been hatching a business, and the almost born Sunshine Abbey is looking be-you-tiful so far! I've ordered business cards, and even given it it's own blog page, but don't look for any content yet. I'm still working on that, but soon you can look for details, Ebooks and courses, and REGULAR blog content at Seriously!!!

I'm just popping in to tell you that you can order copies of God Alone is Enough on Amazon,  and a whole bunch of other places online now. Or you can pick it up it at your local bookstore (special order it if they don't have it. Please, please, please!). If you happen to be in Lexington, KY tomorrow, June 13th, pop in at St. Peter Claver Catholic Church, my home parish, after Mass, and get yourself a copy from me. I'll even sign it for you, lovey.

On the 2nd of June I did a signing at RBTE: the Religious Book Trade Expo. It's sorta the liturgical church version of ICRS, where I will not be this year, a first since I've been published. Sigh. I'll miss it, and the friends I usually see there, but I made new friends at RBTE, a few of which I'll tell you about tomorrow, along with some other fun things. Soon you can expect to see info about my chapter by chapter blog tour, and a blog tour stop featuring books by a few of my friends. Also look for some other exciting blog love, a black nun doll, and picchas of my new garden. Finally (finally!), I'll be posting work-in-progress chapters of Take This and Eat: A Memoir. Hopefully, with all that content I can get back on track blog-wise.

That's all for now. I love you much, and pray for me, as I pray for you.


S. said...

I'm glad you are back!! And with such exciting news! May God grant you the desires of your heart.

Lisa said...

glad you're back, will definitely have to order the book, and most definitely looking forward to all the forthcoming blog content you mentioned, whenever it arrives :)

The Morrows said...

I love the cover of this book. It is so warm and peaceful and inviting. I can't wait to blog about chapter 1 on Tuesday!! And to see the new blog! And when you graduate can I come to the ceremony? :D