Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Morning

So, I just made my first nourishing infusion. It wasn't the first lesson in my kit, but it was the one I felt was most needful. Nourishment seems to be what my soul (and body!) is yearning for. I attend daily Mass for daily bread, though honestly, in a lot of pain and after I hobbled there and back yesterday, I wondered what the big deal was. But things happen in the spiritual realm that you don't even know is going on just yet in your mind and body. Of course, mind and body are affected later. It's all healing.

The infusion I made is of nettles. These are especially good for women. I'll try to make the salves later today if I have time before dinner. Right now, I'm off to Mass, and then to the local Catholic bookstore, Benedictus, to give the owner, Patrick a pre-publication galley of God Alone is Enough. I'm hoping to do a signing there.

Wish me well!


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heather said...

I opened my Paraclete Press email today to find your new book on Theresa of Avila spotlighted. How fun!