Friday, May 14, 2010

Lessons from the Flowers Numbers Two and Three

I was coming back home from the tea cafe this evening, looking at the plantains growing in my yard. I've seen these wild ones all my life, but had no idea they were one of the best topical remedies for bee stings (and they help heal wounds and stop bleeding). I wish I'd known that a few weeks ago, when I took quite a tumble and got a big honkin' owie on my elbow. Plantain is also rich in vitamin B. I was thinking about how hardy they are, they'll grow just about anywhere there's dirt. Even though it isn't a flower, it had no qualms about letting me know how good God is to provide medicine in places we may deem highly unlikely. That was one lesson. There's another.

Because I had my gaze on the ground, I noticed the glut of clovers there. I don't know what they do yet, if they do anything medicinally, but what got my attention was right in the center of them a four leaf clover proudly preened over the other clovers. It was if it poked its chest out and stood the full length of its stem just for me.

I pointed this lovie out to Ken and Kamau who were walking with me, and Ken said to Maui, "Don't pluck it." So it's still there, heralding this lesson, even though it isn't a flower either: hope and good fortune can surprise me, popping up when I least expect it, including when I'm not even looking for it. And hope is a good, good thing. A needful thing, in this particular season of my life.



GailNHB said...

Wise words - don't pluck it. Let it grow. Let hope grow. Let love grow. Let peace grow. And patience and grace and silence, too.

Let it grow, Mair.

Beautiful photo.

ragamuffin diva said...

Thanks, Gail. Came from Google Images. LOL. Hey, I miss you!

ragamuffin diva said...

MaryAnn, I have no idea what happened to your comment, but no. Plantain is not soft and fuzzy. The herb you're talking about is called exactly what you mention (I think), and it's different, and also very healing.

MaryAnn M said...

ok...perhaps i am mixing BOTH of them in my memory files...we did have BOTH in our yard...i do remember seeing these and my stepmother knew what to do with all of them...(wish i remembered) but i guess there are books, like the one you found.