Friday, May 14, 2010

Lessons from the Flowers Number One

I like to take Old Georgetown Street to Short Street to get to the Cuppa, Lisa's tea cafe. There are other streets I can take, but Old Georgetown, my street, is my favorite. I step past what looks for all intents and purposes like the hood, but isn't, past homeless Mike, who Ken and I often feed, or slip a little cash to (I wish I could give him housing. Lord, have mercy. We're working on that!). Then I step into a stretch of road full of beauty. The architecture is astounding. I don't know what you call it, but whatever kind it is, it's gorgeous. I cross the street because the buildings on that side are prettier than the artsy apartments that are no slouches, let me tell ya! One of my neighbors has created a hedge of tea roses. They are glorious. I always stagger a bit when I walk near them, a little drunk from beauty. Today, I decided to listen to what they had to say.

These tea roses were LOUD! And a little crazy, with their almost obscene profusion of blooms. They're are a vibrant pink, darker than the ones pictured above. They're almost hot pink! Their petals are wide open, revealing the crowns of gold in their centers. Their lovely generosity reminds me of children when they fling open their arms and invite you into them for a hug. "STOP!!!" the tea roses say to me, insistently. "Look at us! Aren't we grand? Smell us!" And I do. I lean into them and their sweetness rushes my senses, and they seem to sigh, contented.

I know it's cliche to, "take time to smell the roses." But it became a cliche because bears a common truth. Today I learned to stop. The world won't cease it's turning, and I can discover, no experience the exquisite joy of creation, including the beauty and amplitude of the creation that is me, body and soul.

Today, I'm beginning my gentle detox. No chemicals. Whole foods, mostly plants. Lots of water and green tea, though I'm still taking my medicine. I will stop and rest when I must. The flowers gave me permission to. I think I'll listen to them.

Much love,


GailNHB said...

Sounds like a wise and gentle thing to do - a slow detox. Water and tea. And time to rest and heal.

Flower listening seems like a good thing to do these days. Enjoy their whisperings.

ragamuffin diva said...

I think so. I'm tired of being so sick.

Yes, flower listening is surely a spiritual discipline. Surely.