Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Martin Luther King Day!


~Leslie said...

Love the collage art!!! You really have a great eye/hand at this.

Happy Martin Luther the King Day to you as well! ;D

Kay Day said...

Thank God for brave men and women who dare to dream big dreams.

Deidra said...

Love that image! It's like an icon... It is an icon!

ragamuffin diva said...

Thanks for the art love y'all! I always post it with fear and trembling, and find y'all so generous and kind.

And Kay, I'm so grateful for that bravery. When I think of my mother's world and mine, what a difference the Civil Rights Movement made. In fact, my spiritual community is called The Beloved Community kinda as a shout out to his community.

Deidra, you are so right. I made it in a time when I was doing many "subversive" icons. I love it. It's my favorite form of collage. Don't be surprised if you see more of them.