Saturday, January 16, 2010

All God's Children Need Travelin' Shoes

"Mama always reminds me that we're only passin' through
The treasures of this world are not for us to hold on to
She says the way we're headed
Will take us where we're bound
And we can not lay our journey down.


Because all god's children need travelin' shoes
To walk the road that's narrow but it's true
We can't stop here we're just passin' through
That's why all god's children need travelin' shoes."

So, I wake up yesterday and I'm all dizzy and weak feeling. I thought it might be prudent to test my blood sugar. While I'm not diabetic, I've been worried about the whole thing since before I left Michigan, and one night, impulsively, I'd ordered a blood glucose monitoring system to give me something else to obsess about.

I ended up fumbling around, wasting test strips doing everything wrong until I finally figured it out. My fasting blood glucose number was 103. I had no idea what this meant until later that evening when I was reading a pretty terrific, hilarious essay in O about a woman's experience with Birkram yoga. Before taking the class she'd had this conversation with Dr. Oz--it was O Magazine! Of course she talked to Dr. Oz--about her fasting blood sugar, which was 99. He said, "If it were over 100 I'd say you were pre-diabetic. You're close."

Oh no! I'm there! But pre-diabetic beats the heck out of diabetic, and I can still turn things around. I hope!

Dr. Oz suggested that she make lifestyle changes immediately. He made the same suggesting to me, though admittedly, vicariously through the article. :) Anyway, one change was that she needed to get 30 minutes worth of exercise EVERY DAY! I'm doomed! So, I decided to break out my brand-spanking-new TheraShoes. Yes, I too was seduced by the everywhere ads for those Skechers Shape Ups, only mami ain't got no hundred bucks for a pair of ugly shoes, I don't care what they do to your butt and abs. Thifty Mair, I found a knock-off reasonably priced alternative for a mere 22 bucks! If I have to wear unattractive kicks, at the very least they should be affordable.

So, provided with my traveling shoes, I set out today on my maiden voyage: to Rite Aide and Dollar Tree. This was a wee bit ambitious, since I hadn't had a really long walk since I injured my foot. And that was kind of a really long for a two hundred pound woman with a bad foot, who was out of practice. I'm happy to announce that I did really well in them. They were really comfortable. That was the freakinest most awesome 22 bucks I ever spent, except for when I'm doing a work of mercy. Hey, maybe the mercy was on my feet! Kamau and Nia Grace went with me, and we had fun. I'm nice and tired now, but happier than I've felt in a long time. There really is something to be said about moving your body.

Not much more to report, except that I've been ODing on videos by Jorge Cruise--it could be that I've been doing it because he's ridiculously cute. And of course I've been watching and reading Dr. Oz. While I don't like to make food enemies, I'm not altogether sure processed sugar is food, and I've had a steady diet of it since the nineties. I'm certain, no matter what else I do, I'm going to kiss that kind of sweetness goodbye, like my dear friend Sharon Ewell Foster did. And honey, she's looking real good these days.

I also started sharing with an online OA group. I found them to be remarkably compassionate and understanding. There isn't a meeting in walking distance in my neighborhood, and I didn't want not having a car to stop me. Ever. I mean, I have access to a car, but I can't make any excuses about not getting online. I really like it, though I'm still pretty fuzzy on what their food plan is. But we shall see. And hey, thank you all for your prayers and kindness.

More soon.


MaryAnn M said...

this is in really big font okay:
be thankful for the warning signs and may those signs lead you on to the greatest feelin years of your life. you do NOT have to be diabetic.
love the shoe story...

ragamuffin diva said...

Thanks, lovie! You rawk!

Terry said...

Perhaps you should re-read The Hidden Life. Then Betty could accompany you on all the great walks you're going to have.Know I am also beside you, not eating sugar!

ragamuffin diva said...

Now THAT is a good idea, T. I have to buy another copy. Every time I bought that book I found it so good that I compulsively told someone, "You HAVE to read this," and promptly gave my copy to them.

Yay to the sugar-free contemplative walkers! Hey, that's kinda catchy. We should get t-shirts!



Terry said...

I have spare copies; I'll send you one. And sign me up for a t shirt!

Erin Wilson said...

I'm so with you, girl.
Taking another crack at this myself.

I know you can do this. :)