Wednesday, December 16, 2009

3rd Wednesday of Advent

"I am waiting to slow the heck down so I can rest and enjoy you. Come, Lord Jesus. Rescue me from my chaos!"

Okay, it's sooooo late to be posting, but on the bright side, somebody is going to get some sleep tonight! No wee small hours today, I don't care how beautifully Carly Simon sings it. Fortunately, my night owl mate, Ken, is already lying across the foot of the bed snoozing. This is a mercy. He won't keep me up!

He's at the foot of the bed because he can't crawl next to me because my books are crowding the bed. I've been furiously writing since mid-September, and even more this month. All evening I worked on a Kwanzaa gallery for Beliefnet, and I just stopped. Can you believe I've blogged every day? That alone is grace, grace, grace. What's most gratifying is that a few kind souls have said these silly words of mine have been their Advent. Even the short longings I Tweet! That's a testament to the mercy of God. I knew I'd fail at anything heroic. He told me I could tell him every day, at least once, something I'm waiting on him to do." And that's all I did. I guess he knew the keeping the Divine Hours would be a bust, though we have been doing morning prayer, and even shared it with some people Lisa and Will offered hospitality to at Third Street house. The DeLongs were a lovely family. But I digress...

The Lord totally didn't mention the Divine Hours to me. He simply suggested, he didn't even ask, that I do that for one small thing.

One small thing is all you need sometimes, lovies.

Whew! All my Beliefnet assignments are done. Only one more deadline now, and I start my new life as a worker of mercy, and a writer without a contract. Exciting! And terrifying, but we won't get into that tonight.

And now, a couple of Excedrin Migraine tabs before it gets so bad I can't sleep! I'm gonna kick these books and this laptop out of my bed, and goooood night! I'll sleep like a baby. Like that really cute fresh baby who's sweet face I found on the net. Sorry I can tell you who that lovie is. Baby's wise parents left no info. But what a yummy!

Okay, I'm going! I'm going.

May the Lord bless you,
protect you from all evil,
and grant you fresh, new baby sleep.

"Come, Lord Jesus. My colic-free sleep like a baby."

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GailNHB said...

I am so with you on the divine hours thing. I keep going back to that false notion that there is One Way to Pray Right - and everything else is wrong or misguided. Yikes.

So instead, I have simply been telling God what's on my heart, what I'm waiting for, what my friends and loved ones seem to need, and pleading with Him to continue to have mercy on us all. Somehow that feels like more than enough, and I find that I am talking to Him far more regularly than any fixed hour schedule demands.

May sweet deep rest and peace be yours, my dear Mair.