Tuesday, December 08, 2009

2nd Tuesday of Advent '09

"I am waiting..." Come, Lord Jesus.

I have to keep it simple today. I'm sick. A sore throat I caught from Nia Grace has turned into a really bad fibro flare, as often the simplest viruses do. All I want to do between the muscle and joint paint, burning throat, aching ears, and Nyquil haze is sleep.

I'm thinking about that baby, again: God, not as man, but as an helpless infant. It's common for people who are chronically ill to feel useless, but even on my worse days, I can do more than a baby can. It cheers me, believe it or not.

Then again, sometimes I can't do more than a baby, and I'm a big baby myself. Lord, have mercy.

Wasn't the Word made flesh generous to give us such a simple, yet sublime image of himself? A little baby, completely dependent. I've never made the connection between the infant Christ and my frequent sicknesses, but as I lay here thinking about how I missed morning prayer, even by phone, and how I didn't get to help Lisa offer hospitality to the guys yesterday, my consolation comes from knowing that on days when I can do little more than sleep, I have the infant Jesus to identify with. He probably slept a lot too, as all infants do. But that doesn't mean he didn't have a destiny that God would use mightily.

Sleep in heavenly peace will never be the same for me now.

Goodnight, and good day, gentle reader.



Erin Wilson said...

Just caught up on the last few posts... my goodness, I weep for the beauty I find here.

Praying over your body as it wages war. Praying over your heart as it does the same.

Praying peace over you, my beautiful friend.
Thank you-

Kay Day said...

I'm sorry your feeling poorly. I will pray for you.

When I was a little girl I said something to my mom about baby Jesus wetting the bed. Mom asked what I was talking about. I said that the song said, "Sleep in heavenly pee."
I also thought the virgin was round because she was pregnant. "Round yon virgin."
Take care of yourself and get as many other people to take care of you as you can!