Thursday, October 29, 2009

Breath Prayers for People With Fibromyalgia

Hey there, lovies. I thought you might enjoy seeing this gallery I did for Beliefnet. It's for people with fibromyalgia, but I'm thinking it's appropriate for any kind of chronic pain disease.

I'm going to put the link, both live and the url. I hope it blessings you. I think I need some of these prayers tonight!

Yours in the Love of Christ,


Kay Day said...

That is lovely. Lovely.

I just posted my breath prayers a few days ago and I didn't realize that's what they were.

Mine are a little less vulnerable, though. The ones I posted I mean.
Adjusting to weakness is difficult.
Thank you for the encouragement.

ragamuffin diva said...

Thanks so much, Kay. I think I saw your breath prayers. I'm going to go back and look at them again.

Tracey M. Lewis-Giggetts said...

Thank you very much, Mair. Very much.

Caldonia Sun said...

This is beautiful, thank you for doing it. I feel abandoned right now, myself.

tonya said...

Today, my Pastor kept praying for the Lord to have mercy over me. I really didn't understand why did it. I even emailed him for some clarity. Then I read your post.
I have Fibromyalgia. For me, the hardest thing to deal with is the fibro-fog. I have paid the wrong bills, misplaced checks, forgotten birthdays I shouldn't have, and I have to say, it is SO frustrating. I used to work full time, work my photography business and homeschool my children. Now, I work a few hours a week, still homeschool, and only slightly work my business. The transition has been incredibly difficult for me and my family. It's like going through a death of who you were. And learning to accept who you are now.
So when I read your prayers, I understood why my Pastor prayed what he did. Thank you for posting. :)

ragamuffin diva said...

I don't think a day goes by that I don't pray, "Lord, have mercy." It works for everything.

Grace to you, Tonya.