Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Marvelous Mystele Day, and Tagged

Hello, lovies!

Okay, so I've already told you about my new blogger/artist crush Mystele. I also told you about my bff Gina, and the icon piccha I painted for her. She loved it, btw. I was so happy to do something that gave her such joy. Anyway, Gina also had a gift for me. Turns out that months ago, for my birthday she purchased this lovely original folk art painting by an artist she loved that I hadn't yet discovered:

Gorgeous, isn't it? Turns out it's by Mystele. Ha! Isn't that just like Jesus? He knows us so well. He knows what we want before we know what we want. I wanted to begin to collect her art, and while my longing for beauty grew, the Lord and Gina had a wonderful surprise for me. The Lord is good. Seriously.

I've been admiring one of Mystele's newest paintings, this blast of incredibleness:

Turns out I (and you, too!) have an opportunity to win a print! To enter to win all you have to do is participate in a Six Random Things About Yourself Meme. The rules:

Link to the person who tagged you, in my case Mystele.
Post the rules on your blog.
Write six random things about yourself.
Tag six other people, and let the know they're tagged.

Like Mystele, I'm a rule-breaker. Consider yourself tagged if you're reading this. :) Now, here are my six random things.

1. I can scarcely tolerate drinking cola unless it has lemon juice in it. When I was an asthmatic child of the seventies, a doctor told my mother that lemon juice in cola could stave off an asthma attack. I acquire the taste way back then. My whole family drinks cola this way now.

2. I had a battery of test done years ago to determine if I have ADD. I had every symptom of the disorder, but the doctor refused to give me the diagnosis because I'd have to prove I had it since childhood. He asked if I could bring in a report card from second grade. I told him I couldn't find my shoes most days. Therefore, officially, I do not have ADD.

I'm sorry. What was I just talking about?

3. I am conflicted about natural vs. chemically altered hair. When I relax my hair I feel like some kind of sell out. It's one of the last vestiges of my former life as a militant Black nationalist. But every year, when my hair gets a certain length, I process it. About four months later I CUT OFF all but about a quarter of an inch of that hair, saying, "I missed the natural texture of my hair." I then proceed to grow it all back (because I miss having longer hair) and do the same thing again. This drives Ken insane. My hair is one of our off limits discussion topics for this reason.

4. I wore my hair in dreadlocks four times. I always cut them off when they got too unruly and looked, "unprofessional." I mean, duh? They're dreads! What was I thinking? Then I grieved the loss of them. I'm thinking of dreading again. Sigh.

5. Sometimes my fibromyalgia hurts so much that I can't stand clothes--or anything else--touching my skin. I know I should only buy natural fiber clothes, but I still buy crappy fabric that doesn't feel good, especially if it's on clearance. When will I ever learn?

6. As a good, Christian gal, I did not drink wine until I went to Emergent '05 and buckled under peer pressure. I had a teensy few drops that made me feel horribly guilty. That was then. Now I drink wine whenever I want to because those awful, drunken Emergent Christians MADE me. LOL. I'm especially fond of champagne, which I found out was created by monks who upon discovering it proclaimed, "We've bottled the stars!" Yum.

Okay, that was six things. Tell me about you, and let Mystele know if you want to be considered for her giveaway.

Love ya!


mystele said...

sooo great to learn more about you. we totally have the same hair issues. if you watch my earlier videos, you'll see that my hair is short. now i'm trying to grow it out, and i'm using a relaxer. i feel guilty, too because i think God didn't make my hair straight. i should just be happy with it the way it is. only i can't get a comb through it if i don't relax it. so then, i think that God doesn't mind if i'd just like to comb my hair without pulling some brains out with it!

Bonafyde said...

Tx for the comments and I'm glad you stopped by my blog because it means I found yours! :) First, I love your name! Second can't we all relate to the hair issue?! When I was younger I always wanted my hair to be straight, it's naturally very curly and takes a really long time to straighten. By the time I hit my late teens, early adulthood I have come to love my hair. Straight hair just really doesn't suit me, I even had a hairdresser tell me that when he pressed me for a chance to straighten it, 4 hours later he was unimpressed and not to mention Tired! LOL
Right before this revelation I had dreads and before that I had braids, both styles I am extremely fond of. Dreads if done a certain way and diligently rolled will not get so unruly, it all depends on the look ya want. I find the small skinny ones tend to stay more groomed. In Jamaica you see all kinds...Some Men will have like 2 huge ones on one side and then 5 sticking out the other side...just raw with it!
I'd love to hear how your retreat goes and I hope you have the best time!
I have a lot of people tell me they are scared of the people when they go there, they are aggressive, they bother you to buy things, etc...
I say remember that the bark is tougher than the bite, respect is given to those who show respect for others and that to always remember that Jamaica is a third world country and people are poor and yes they need to hustle to survive. Respect their enterprise-ship! :)

ragamuffin diva said...

Thanks, Bonafyde. I'm just as happy to find you. Please, post on your blog more. I'd love to see what you're up to!

ragamuffin diva said...

Oh, and Mystele, needless to say you rock, processed or natural.And yes, I felt that God didn't make my hair this way, too. But look at how much other stuff I alter! LOL. We sure are paradoxical creatures.

Paula Clare said...

oh sistuh! how you crack me up! it's so good to NOT be diagnosed with SOMETHING, isn't it?

Mystele's art is truly fab...I shall go check her out...and although this was written a while ago, I like her art well enough to go to her blog in hope of another giveaway! teehee!

If you DO decide on dreads, I may have to follow suit...after all, the new minister general of our little franciscan order is a BALD CHICK...surely I can be a good Franciscan with dreads? YES?

ragamuffin diva said...

Do yo' thang, Paula. I'm waiting for my hair to grow more. It's a little curly afro now, a look waaaay played out with me, but I can't get to the dreads till I do this.