Monday, January 05, 2009

A God Surprise of Ridiculously Lavish Love and Grace

Sometimes I think God just shows out He loves me so well.

Okay, so a few years ago I wrote this book. It had what I'll call "a limited release." Laugh if you know what really happened. Anyway, Murder, Mayhem, and a Fine Man was my first novel, and I filled it with people I love (I copied some of the real ones in my life), and things that make my heart soar. I named the main character (who is so me) after my very own, real life great-grandmother.

Now, Ma Brown died when I was a wee one of 10, but I remember her so well. She was a deeply spiritual woman, and I believe her prayers are part and parcel of the grace-drenched life I live today. Growing up we had quilts she made lying around the house. I'm sad to say they're all gone now. I miss them, not as much as I miss her, but there's been a quilt shaped hole in my life. Not just any old quilt I could pick up at Bed, Bath, and Beyond could fill it. I needed something made with ridiculously lavish love. In my novel the protagonist, Bell, has a quilt her great-grandma made her. She wraps it around herself in times of trouble, and it feels like a comforting hug.

Sometime after the book came out I got a message on my now defunct MySpace page from a bee-you-tiful reader. She wanted to know, like a lot of people, when the second book in the series would release. Because there had been a big brouhaha (okay, I loved using that word waaay more than I should have), my second book didn't come out. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to talk about it in public. Sooooooo, this lovie writes to me and since I had no info about my book, I sent her a box of books by several of my friends.

Mikosha and I became fast friends after that. Later I became her mentor, and last year I upgraded her. She's my Godbaby now. On Saturday I got a ginormous box from her. I greedily tore the package open to find THE PINK PATCHWORK QUILT OF FABULOUSNESS!!! in there. Can you believe it? I know, right? Amazing.

It has itty-bitty butterflies and flowers on the print. I love butterflies. Jesus always sends them right before I'm about to take to the skies in magnificent, magical flight. I'm about to fly again, lovies, in many creative directions, and I'm so excited. Kosha's gift fortifies me for the journey, and makes me giddy with joy. It also affirms something I am certain of. God hears, He loves us, and He'll take care of us.

Now, here is something else so enchanting. See, waaaay before Kosha wrote to me she read my book and thought, "I should have a quilt made for her." Kosha is one blessed young woman. She has someone she describes as "a fly old lady" who keeps her stocked with yummy patchwork hugs. When she realized I didn't have a quilt-hug like my protagonist, she asked the woman to make me one. When I found out that Ma'dear (you gotta love that, right?) the fly old lady herself, was Kosha's own grandmother, I lost it. I got a surrogate grandma, if only for quilting purposes. Cried like a baby, and I'm not ashamed of it. I told my sister Carly what Kosha did, and she cried. Every time I thought about getting a love infused quilt from a loaner grandma I cried. It's just so freakin' beautiful. It's perfect, personal, and that, lovies, is how Jesus is. Real, loving, and personal in how He relates to us.

One thing I've learned in these lean times is what is truly important. Love is always the most important thing, and I see God's love most through His people. I'm astounded at the generosity of others. I, who feel like I give so little; I get sooo much. Kosha's gift is truly one of the most wonderful things anyone has ever done for me.

I'm grateful. I had to share it with you.

LOVE <3,
p.s. I did my cool pink, butterfly and blossom blog redesign right before the quilt arrived. Sounds like another Jesus kiss to me. :)


mystele said...

the Master Artist shows up again! wow.

Lynne said...

Is your 3rd Amanda Bell Brown mystery still scheduled to come out in March? I loved the 1st 2 books!


ragamuffin diva said...

Hi Mystele! Hi Lynne!

Yes, Lynne, it's called Deadly Charm, and you can pre-order if you'd like. My publisher said it's her favorite of them all. I guarantee lots of fun, all the characters you love, and ALL THAT JAZZ.

Plus you get to see if Bell really gets what she wants (and deserves) FINALLY! Thanks for asking.

laundrygirl said...

Wow! I don't even know what to say!
I love when we get glimpses of God's restorative power!

Elysa said...

Awww-w-w-ww...I'm so glad you've got a big ole love-stitched blanket to wrap up in. And how God-cool that it matches your new blog look. Must be something going on in the Heavenlies with Mair's name written all over it!

You are so loved. By HIM...and by so many of us. And woman...don't you EVER, EVER, EVER think that you don't give. Your life is a HUGE gift to so many.

Sending you some virtual BIG hair hugs and lipsticky kisses,

Shauna said...

So happy to hear another one is coming out soon!

Heather Diane Tipton said...

That is soo soooooo soo cool. I love that. and am totally jealous!

And what is this about you giving so little? are you kidding me? Have you met you? You give so much... without even trying. you've blessed me in so many ways just by being there...not to mention everything else you do for me.

I love you, my friend!

CeCe Wilson said...

I just read (literally) Zora and Nicky yesterday and again this morning. Four words: Blessed and Highly Favored! Never have I been so affected by the love of I have not read your Amanda Bell Brown books yet but it's only a matter of time.

ragamuffin diva said...

Hi Shanuna, Godbaby Heather, Kristine, and sissy Elysa. Thanks for your kind words. I sure do need them these days.

And hello and welcome, CeCe. You totally rawk for saying such nice things. Thanks!

Heidi Renee said...

woo hoo! (does that mean i get a silver blue one to match my blog? - i never realized how close the skin i chose for my blog is to yours mair - hope you don't mind!)

i saw your fb update pic this a.m., but had no idea of the glorious story that went with it - lavish, lavish love!!!

darbyscloset said...

That's a beautiful post!!! It gave me goosebumps!
Thanks so much for sharing!
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