Monday, December 01, 2008

Jesse Tree: The Fall

Hello lovies,

A very short post today. I am achy, and tired, but very grateful to our good God. Lot's to tell, but I'll have to wait till some things are finalized before I can share. Suffice it to say that several dreams are coming true. I am in awe and wonder of God's goodness.

And I am in love, with God's Love. In fact, God is love. More on that them later.

Today, I crafted the second ornament. The kids don't seem much interested, so it's up to Mama to keep it going. I didn't want to push them. Nia Grace was tired after school, and Aziza was busy on the computer, but I kept asking for her input, and she was content to throw me a bone, now and then.

But I found myself reflective as I crafted this ornament. Art really can be a meditation method. I had to turn off inner critics, which is always a challenge, and allow myself to make ragamuffin art. You also can't help but think about the Bible story your representing. I thought of our earthly fore-parents, a garden paradise, no shame of nakedness, and full communion with God. And then a change. The serpents temptation succumbed to. A fall, and a sacrifice. I used a copy of the Genesis story, with a pattern--to fried today for even an attempt at brilliance. Still, it was an acceptable try. I jazzed it up by using beautiful paper, and a copy of the Genesis story as background. I have so many questions floating in my soul now. God banished Adam and Eve from the garden to prevent them from partaking in the Tree of Life. I'm asking myself, among other things, "What will I do with the tree of life I have been given. How will I partake of it? How will I delight in it's flavor?"

I'm beginning to feel as if I've found a great treasure with this Jesse Tree adventure. The Bible, and sharing it with the children is coming alive in new ways. I'm even going to take it to religious ed tomorrow to share with the catechumenantes. What a pleasure.

More soon.


Elysa said...

I love your Ragamuffin art. And I love your Ragamuffin self!

Madison Richards said...

It's great to hear that things are going so well. I hope you've had a lovely holiday season so far. Sounds like your Christmas will be shaping up nicely as well!


ragamuffin diva said...

You are so great, Elysa. Thanks for the big, lipsticky kisses for my soul.

I'm so happy to hear from you, Madison. What's shakin'?