Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gifts of Visitation in the Night

I have the best Godbabies ever. These three women are lovely, amazing, smart, and full of heart. One of my Godbabies sent me a wonderful and unexpected gift . See, I'd been praying. I don't know why when I pray something in secret I'm still surprised to get exactly what I asked for. God knew that I want to be a woman of prayer. I've tried and enjoy many forms of prayer, but when I lose my way, and the way is not altogether clear at all, I always fall back on the Liturgy of Hours to find my feet.

Phyllis Tickle's delightful The Divine Hours has meant the world to me. It's been with me for many seasons. But I'm feeling I should pass it on now to another lovey. I've been desiring to try something new. One of my bffs has Christian Prayer: The Liturgy of Hours single volume. I've wanted to try it for awhile, but it is pricey! And when so much is needed, a prayer book has to wait.

Or not.

I really wanted it. Knew it wasn't possible to get it. Finally, I asked the Lord very casually to please provide me with a Christian Prayer: TLOH. This was only last night, lovies. Sometimes I just want, but don't pray. But other times I'm deliberate. I prayed for a Breviary I could share in union with my Church, and today, the means to get one fell right into my hands. God be praised. And I've got mad love for my Godbaby, too.

You know I'd spoken lately about the poor, and the work that I want to do for Jesus with them. My sister Carly has the same desire. A Rosh Hoshana gift for her has been a lovely dream where God spoke tenderly to her. I wanted the Lord to speak to me, too. But I didn't want to ask him for a dream, specifically, as she did. I just wanted to be with Him in prayer and let Him visit how it pleased Him. But I have a cold, and was sniffly and tired before I dropped off to sleep, with my own spontaneous prayers whispered in the dark. Then, I woke up at 3 am and did a little reading before I prayed Matins with my brand spanking new prayer book.

Matins is the Office of Readings, and so I quietly absorbed the selected Psalms. At the end of the readings there is a Psalm-prayer. I wanted to share it with you because it's such a lovely visitation from God. What moved me most--what a good God we serve, so personal!--is that He drew me to my life's verse, "Blessed are the poor in spirit" in this reading. Here's the Office of Readings Psalm-prayer for today that touched me so. I felt it was there just for me!

"You proclaimed the poor to be blessed, Lord Jesus, for the kingdom of heaven is given to them. Fill us generously with your gifts. Teach us to put our trust in the Father and to seek his kingdom first of all rather than imitate the powerful and envy the rich.

Teach me goodness and holy wisdom.
For I have put my trust in your guidance."

Wow. Love that!
And love you!


nuzor said...

Welp, your Divine Hours will gladly find a home with me. I am broke, lol.

Elysa said...

Mmmmm....lovely. So glad you were blessed and "visited" in this way.