Friday, May 02, 2008

Rainy Day Poem

My friendship with a poet has wonderful secondary gains. He baptizes me in poetry, and as a result, I'm writing poetry again. I still can't claim that I'm a poet, but writing poems is good to me. And good for me.

Here's one from today, after being out in the rain:

No Words

Today I walked outside;
the sky was a womb
and the Great Gray God
my Mother.

Her damp silver
fingers played
with all my exposed
parts. I think
I felt Her
Or maybe crying.

I'm never sure of this.

I was not cold.

wet earth,
and fresh bathed blossoms
scented Her dark Body
and Her watery voice said
nothing in particular;

Mama said, in Her aqueous,
saturating voice,
no words at all.


No words,

which comforted me.



Joe said...

You are so gifted as a writer, Claudia. Thanks for your poetry. I sit in awe of your published works. You are a great gift of God's universe.

grace and peace,


wilsonian said...

My goodness, girl. You've had that gift and not been using it?! Stretch these wings!!

Madison Richards said...

Wow. Great poem. I love this part:

"Her damp silver fingers played with all my exposed parts."


heather said...

This reminds me of baptism.

nedras said...

Of course you're a poet, Mair. What powerful silence. Thank you. Love, Nedra

markpetersen said...

I feel like I need to meet this God, this one who can comfort with few words, no words at all. Our lives are so filled with the clutter of meaningless language.

Your gift is to make every word a jewel.

Thank you...

(PS: Just blogged on you today, and added you to my blogroll.)

Joey Quinton said...

Beautiful...just beautiful, my friend!

Joni said...

Thank you so much for sharing that. It was so hauntingly beautiful.