Monday, February 25, 2008

Publishers Weekly Likes Z&N

From Publishers Weekly
The voice of beautiful Zora Nella Hampton Johnson-her name echoing the author of her favorite novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God-will take you up and carry you along until she utters her very last syllable. Anger, laughter and delight come from Zora's sharp, sassy tongue as if she is talking out loud. Burney's gift for voice is not limited to her heroine, though it takes her longer to get the other main character, Nicky Parker, the handsome but poor son of a racist pastor, to shine as distinctly as Zora. At this novel's heart are love and race-what happens when a self-described BAP (black American princess), the daughter of a famous megachurch leader, falls in love with a young white man. Zora and Nicky's dialogue about race is unflinching, with attitude, honesty and occasional humor. Burney pushes her prose to the edge of the edgiest in the "Christian fiction" genre, and then barrels right over. She doesn't sugar-coat, especially when it comes to sex, yet she manages to create a love story that's both erotic and chaste. Faith in Jesus comes to life on the page through Zora and Nicky's intense, if imperfect, soul searching. Though parts are a bit melodramatic, Burney gives readers a page-turner for all audiences, Christian and beyond. (Apr.)
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Woo hooo!


Mary DeMuth said...

This is absolutely terrific! I'm so thrilled for you!

Alison Strobel Morrow said...

And well they should! The book rocks! Can't wait for my copy. :)

Melanie said...

My favorite part:

Burney pushes her prose to the edge of the edgiest in the "Christian fiction" genre, and then barrels right over.

Yay for you! Blazing a new trail in Christian fiction. Our other authors sure have a lot to live up to!

Elysa said...

Way to go!

I'm definitely looking forward with great anticipation to THIS book!

Okay, everybody sing along with me now...

"Anticipation, anticipa-a-tion is making me wait. Its making me wa-a-a-a-aait."

heather said...

Love that pic of you up on the banner.
Congrats on such a beautiful review!
I love the erotic and chaste part--that's what sex is about, isn't it?

Robin said...

Well, now, I likey what they're sayin' behind your back! has piqued my curiosity to the nth degree.

This is gonna be one fun ride, Mair...thanks for letting us tag along :).

D. Gudger said...

What were you sayin' to me about his book the other day??? Hmmmm???

Okay, I must break my brief "tenure" from reading ARCs to catch up on my pile, to read this novel! It's on my shelf.

Love the cross-over power, and that PW got the Jesus message.
Love ya!

nedra smith said...

Zora Nella...ah, and I was thinking of both Hurston and Nella Larsen, when you first told us her name.

Congratulations on your review!

I can't wait to read this one. My first romantic relationship ever was interracial. I won't get lost.

Count me in as one of the fans of the phrase, "erotic and chaste."

Blessings, best wishes, and every good thing for Zora and Nicky.

Tom Davis said...

Mair, you are the bomb! No doubt in my mind. I'm so happy PW recognizes who you are. Jumping up and down in Colorado for you!

Pamela said...

Congrats!!! I can't wait to read it.

Hi, I'm Dee said...


Amy said...

AWESOME! with a review like that I'm dying to read it! (well, I already was, but you know!)

Cathy West said...

WOW! I cannot wait to read this book!!

Esther said...

Woo woo is right!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Burney:

I want to let you know that this is by far one of the best work of fiction that I have ever read. I was deeply embedded in each page and could hardly put the book down.

You are truly a gifted writer. I will recommend this novel to anyone that has a deep love for literature, American culture, and relationships as well.

Look forward to another book soon.

T'Ebony Torain