Thursday, January 03, 2008

In the interest of being fabulous one day...

I decided to start 2008 with a New Year's revolution to live more artfully and authentically. Remember the dreadlocks I told you I'd have in my 2012 dream? They'll be cascading down my back then, and it's highly possibly they will be multicolored. However, before any of that could happen, I had to actually start the dreads. And so...

That's me. With new, starter dreads. I also have fabulous accoutrements of faith disguised as jewelry that I got for Christmas. Check out the funky silver and black rosary, my Benendictine Jubilee Cross, and my Mater Dolorosa (Sorrowful Mother) medal, which is my personal favorite. Sister Lily Watters had one just like it. She's the punk nun on Joan of Arcadia season two. I LOVE her! And I fell in love with that medal.

A few weeks ago I dreamed Elohim gave me His name and two Sacred Hearts of Jesus. My Sacred Heart medal reminds me of mystical dreams and Jesus's passionate love. All I need is a St. Christopher medal for traveling mercies 'cause I'm on my way to the Motherland, Africa!

Man, I love this stuff. They're gentle reminders of interceeding friends in high places. And much more wearable than icons, which I also love.

But back to the locks. They didn't take days like the zillions braids did, just a couple of hours of twisting and manipulating. This is my fourth day. At first they were little curlicues around my head. Now they're stretching out. They'll go through several, unpolished stages that will be the death of all personal pride for me, but hey, who needs pride? Doesn't it goeth before a fall? Dreadlocks for the ascetic in me. Ha!

I know they kinda look strange, and trust me, I put myself at the most flattering angle possible to highlight them. They're kind of blah right now, which just goes to show you, you have to begin a thing and tend to it before you reap the fabulousity that will come later. Isn't that like so much in the spiritual journey? Patience really is a virtue.

I'll keep you posted, lovies.


paula clare said...

Sistuh Mair,
It pains me that your "being fabulous" is in a "one day" (as in "some time down the road") context. You ARE fabulous, dear woman! Have you truly no idea how incredible you are NOW?!?!?

HOWEVER, because I too am afflicted with the same, wistful, "One day"s, I'll spare you the lecture and just say your dreds are wonderfully unruly! What a great metaphor for your spiritual life, huh? What is your day of departure for the motherland?

And, OH! THANK YOU for the is GORGEOUS! I shall wear it and think and pray for you!

nedra said...

Oh, how lovely, Mair! To me, as usual, you're beautiful and fabulous outside and inside...even when you posted the no make-up picture. You just shine.

I haven't taken the loc step yet. Mine is all just sitting there on top of my head like a handful of cotton. It's springy and thick and all mine.

God can see your heart. Thank you for everything you've given us from your heart. Have a blessed new year!

Elysa said...

"They're kind of blah right now, which just goes to show you, you have to begin a thing and tend to it before you reap the fabulousity that will come later. Isn't that like so much in the spiritual journey? Patience really is a virtue."

I LOVE that part. Wonderfully true, sweet Mair.

And btw, if the locks are in one of those dreadful stages in S'land and you don't want a billion picchas memorializing it, remember that for us mother types, head scarves and hats are "it"! I know, I know...we're not supposed to be so concerned with outward looks...but let's face it, we are. If only I spent HALF as much time praying about the S'land trip as I do thinking about what I'm going to wear and what I'll be doing with MY tresses.


Elysa said...

And NEDRA! I've just got to make a couple of comments.

First, your hair looks just like the traditional way that the Swazi women wear their hair.

Second, I love you name because its the same name my Grandma Harvey has. You're the only other person I've encountered with that name. I've seen it in books, etc. before but not "met" someone with the name Nedra. She's now passed on to the other side and I'm sure is blessing the socks off of her fellow Heavenly citizens with her storytelling. That woman was incredible with her abilities to spin a yarn. Plus she was fun and loveable and never let housekeeping keep her too busy. That and her figure are two things I've inherited from her. ;)

Dany said...

You're too cute! :)

19 days to go......

Lovies back atcha, Dany

Heather said...

Ah-ha. Slaying the pride in order to be fabulous.
I don't like that step. Is there an easy button?

Lisa said...

Indeed, the hair journey has many stages, and I've suffered through them, as well. As for you, friend, you sparkle in those dreds. You will only sparkle more as they grow. I've been loving my corn rows and twists, and dreads may enter the picture someday. Keep blazing the trail.

l. l. hargrove said...

Blessings on your road to fabooLESS-land. Less straight (as in hair) and less pride (prayerfully).

Happy palm rolling. I wish I could give you some of my nappy tresses.

wilsonian said...

Already fabulous!

M. Nole said...

Mair, I had a black and gold Benedict cross blessed by Pope Benedict that I wore for protection at all times (protection from external danger, internal struggles, spiritual beings the exorcsistah could have smacked name it). I lost it around Christmastime at physical therapy and was devastated.

I was dying to know what a Benedict jubilee medal was, and it turns out it's the exactly same thing I had! So I love yours and all of your other spiritual jewelry, and I'm waiting impatiently for my replacement ebay Benedict jubilee medal to be shipped to me.

I read about the trip to Africa on another blog. Prayers for all of you. I know that you will have a spiritual, earthy, unforgettable time and will also have some fun.

The other Mair.

Katy McKenna said...

Girl, You have finally inspired me with a worth New Year's goal: to sow abundantly so that I might reap fabulousity!

Not sure I've ever reaped me some fabulousity before, but it's never too late to give it a go.... :)

Katy McKenna said...

Claudia, Can you point me toward your fave sources for religious jewelry? Unfornately my penchant is for gold rather than silver, but I'm fine with bronze, too. Thanks! Email me if you'd like.

nedra said...

Thank you, Elysa. I pray that your and Mair's trip will be safe and fulfilling.

My Nedra is with a short "e," as in "bed." I've met a couple of other Nedras with the long "e" as in "bead." I'm always amazed that when I meet people that they don't automatically mention Nedra Volz, the little old lady actress. Oh, mentioned your grandmother. :-) Not a problem. I didn't know that it had so many meanings until I was an adult. My favorites are "wealthy guardian" and "vision."

Even though Claudia Mair may not love Claudia for "lame," I like it because I think of how in the Bible, a lame man was healed. So for every name meaning a person may not love, I like to turn it inside out until it has a positive meaning.

I also love "Mair," like Mary, because I helped name my baby sister, Maria.

I have to stop. I have to stop. This is not my blog. :-) Be blessed!

Joni said...

Not a bit strange-looking. You are beautiful always!

Nathan Hov said...

Mair, they a way cool - your such a cool cat. said...

Mair, they a way cool your such a cool cat.

Elysa said...

Hi again Nedra!

I'm sure Mair won't mind me hogging a bit more space here at Ragamuffin Diva. I guess if she minds, I'll hear about it on our long plane ride to Africa. Believe me, we're going to have time to discuss EVERYTHING!

Anyway...back to YOU! My grandma's name was with a long E. I never knew the meaning so I liked reading what you had to say. She definitely was a woman of vision. She went to college when she was in her 60's and was able to see my Grandpa, one of the orneriest men I've ever known, as someone she adored. And "wealthy guardian"? She never had much money but she was SO rich in many other ways. At her funeral, it was obvious how loved she was.

The contrast between her funeral and my grandpa's was striking. My husband was the first to comment on it and said that it greatly affected him. He wanted to make sure that he lived his life in such a way that his passing was truly a great loss to those around him.

Now back to the regularly scheduled are the baby locks feeling today, Miss Mair?

With His amazing grace,

Heather Diane Tipton said...

you are fabulous now! and don't you forget it! you'll only get more fabulous as you get older!

And hook me up with the jewelry! LOL

Jennifer L. Griffith said...

What a great goal!!!

I think you look fabulous already.

Bethany Torode said...

My own sacred heart Mair - "They're kind of blah right now, which just goes to show you, you have to begin a thing and tend to it before you reap the fabulousity that will come later." That one is going on my fridge. I really needed that tonight. The tending has been so long for so long. I love you. I was going to call you when you were depressed but my own depression stopped me. Lord just get us to heaven already so we can be free of all this shitsckyness!!!