Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fuzzy Pajama Night

I interrupted my coma this afternoon to go see a braider named Nina.

The idea was that for an incredibly good price for her services Nina would spend eight hours putting "zillions" in my hair. I totally punked out after three hours. My body screamed in pain and I could no longer sit there, but we shall try again. Tomorrow.


So I get home and of course I go to sleep.

I'm grateful for Paula Clare's gift of a quote from succulent SARK. On the comments for yesterday's entry she posted:

"Beloved Friend,
There may be times when you need to lounge about in your pajamas all's okay. At least make sure they are CUTE ones...Also, you may find that you occasionally need a nap...have a fluffy pillow, snuggly quilt, and sleep mask awaiting you...24/7. Declare your bed a "Guilt Free" Zone. Do not fight your body's need for rest...pray yourself to sleep."

Kinda love it, yes? But...

I so don't look cute right now.

First of all only the back of my head is braided--really cute, teensy weensy wine colored braids that are soooo ghetto fabulous. All I need is some door knocker earrings and I'm totally a sistah from around the way. Truth is, no matter what I look like I happen to really be a sistah from 'round the way. With modifications, yes, but you can take the girl outta the hood, but you can't take the hood outta the girl.

Right now I look like urban bush woman gone wrong with my afno (between an afro and hell no!) zillions combination. We were supposed to have Fuzzy Pajama night tonight here at La Casa Burney. It's a family tradition, though honestly, we abandoned it for awhile, mostly because nobody cared anymore, and we almost never had money for it once we got coats, boots, and accessories to prepare the kids for winter.

Fuzzy Pajama night happens when it finally gets cold and you KNOW it's not gonna warm up again until... May. If you're honest with youself you say May, but in the dark night of February you tell yourself it will happen in April like it's a mantra. We go shopping TOGETHER, which is an ordeal in and of itself. We all pick out outrageously fuzzy pajamas, and we lie around together in our new jammies, watching movies and eating copious amounts of food.

This year it was our daughter Bianca fondly remembering tradition. She's one of Inkster's gifts, and living next door enables us to see her so much more. I think the last fuzzy pajama night she spent with us she was in sixth grade! She's in 12th now! Bianca so has me wrapped around her finger. I slept through today, but tomorrow come heck or high water we're going to go somewhere and score some PJ's if only because my Bink-a-boo craves it!

And I can lie around and actually look cute. I'll make you proud SARK! I will!


Sigh. I hope.

I'll post some picchas. Will you pray I'll stay awake for the fun?

love ya,


crimson said...

Fuzzy Pajama Night... sounds so fun!

Elysa said...

FUN, FUN, FUN!!! My kids are actually in the process of building tents in the living room where they will sleep tonight. And no, I'll be in my own bed. We have a couch that is flatter and harder than airline seats are going to feel after flying for 18 hours...really!

So they'll be having a great time camping out in the living room and I'll have a great time taking a benadryl snooze in my own guilt free zone! ;)

Hoping your "zillions" get finished before Ed MaMahon shows up on your doorstep with the sweepstakes check and lots of video footage!

Queeny said...

I could never sit long enought to get those little braids put into my head, but I force my daughter to endure it so I won't have to comb hers.

Alison Strobel Morrow said...

Abby saw the photo of the "Pajama Time!" book and got all excited--we have it and she loves it. :)

What a fun tradition, I love it! We'll have to start something like that. Though there's no way I'd ever get Dan in fuzzy pj's. The man sweats when it's 50 degrees out and he's in shorts and a t-shirt; he won't touch "fuzzy" clothes with a ten foot pole.

Elysa said...

BTW, forgot to mention that PAJAMA TIME is one of our all time favorites 'round here, too. 'Course we have to sort of sing it when we read it. The little kids love it...hubby does, too. ;)

Marie4thtimemom said...

Well, I saw the picture you posted today of your lovely new hairstyle, but we have yet to see you in your jammies. Post a picture! Come on! Do it! Did you have fun? What movie/munchies did you enjoy?

Tomorrow "Amazing Grace" comes out on DVD. I can't wait - but I'll probably watch it fully clothed. Nobody ever sees me in my pajamas. I used to feel weird about having a devotional time in my jammies and robe (like it was disrespectful to God or something), but then I realized that is borderline delusional since God sees me in my pajamas anyway.

That was my rationale for not wearing makeup to church last week - God knows what I look like without makeup; He sees me in my pajamas.

Here's to Fuzzy Pajama Night!!