Sunday, September 16, 2007

Coming Soon: Writer Camy Tang!

Hey, lovies. Let's lighten things up around here. I'm going to do some interviews with really way cool people in the coming weeks.

First up: Camy Tang!
Okay, how cute is she? Camy is one of my favorite writer folks, and I'm telling you, whenever I see her I can always count on a really good hug, not one of those weak, noodle-arms numbers. No way! I get a hug that girlfriend puts some love into. I'm so happy to have her. So, you gotta come Wednesday. Okay?

She's on a blog tour for her supah-dupah fine novel, Sushi for One?

It's a really fun read, with cool characters, great family drama, and plenty of wit and style. You gotta love it. Chick lit with a wasabi kick. Yum! But it ain't just fluff and designer duds. It's sporty, with some hard issues, too. She's going to join me on September 19th and we're gonna chat it up about Sushi for One? and other cool things. So be here September 19th. Won't be the same without cha.

Meanwhile, go to Camy's website: and enter her contest to win a basket of books and an iPod Nano! Love my iPod y'all. Don't miss it!

peace and all good!


Elysa said...

I often visit Camy's website and have enjoyed me time there. I'll definitely be tuning in for your interview. I can't WAIT to hear the questions YOU will come up with! ;)

Joni said...

I can't wait for the interview. Her book looks very interesting!