Sunday, July 01, 2007


Go Blondie!

My blog is so lame.

Hey y'all. I know I've been quiet. I left y'all hanging with my marriage "healing". Yeah. That's still, uh, "healing." And I'm busy wishing I was actually writing my new WIP (work-in-progress) The Exorsistah. I have no words for anything else, including this blog, so I'll guess I'll just tell you something kinda fun.

I RAWK! So sez one of my BFF's Heather Diane Tipton. She nominated me for Rockin' Girl Blogger Award. Woo hoo! Thanks, pumpkin.

I'd like to thank the Rockin' Girl Academy for this award. And Heather. And Jesus! Thank you, Lord, for this esteemed award. I'd like to thank my family. And my first English teacher. And my last English teacher. And my agent, Chip. And both my publishers Howard Books/Simon and Schuster and David C. Cook. And all my friends and supporters. You like me. You really, really like me!

Now I have to nominate five Rockin' Girl Bloggers. Now, many of my fav bloggers have already been nominated, so it wasn't easy to come up with 5, but I had to go with bloggers I love and visit most. Here goes. I nominate:

My favorite writers and BFF's Marilynn Griffith, Lisa Samson, and Alison Strobel.

And these next ladies? These are some seriously crafty chica's and lovies. They make me feel my creative best. And they love God, too!

Shanna Philipson
Erin Wilson
Kristine Mays

My sister and spiritual twin, and brand new blogger Carlean "Carly" Smith. She is a lioness that teaches me how to be brave. Go give her some big ragamuffin love y'all.

And finally, my favorite girlfriend who isn't a girl. He just loves me so well! Don't be offended, Steve. I'm giving you big kudos here. You know we are crazy cool! And you know we are crazy. And you know we just... are.
His writing is astounding, and lovely, and magnificent. So do check him out.

And yeah, I also know that was more than five. And that Steve isn't a girl.
What an insurrectionist I am! But you all knew that.

Love you, and talk to you in a few days when I'll write my angst filled post about going to ICRS.



upwords said...

You do rawk, girl! Thanks for the nod.

Elysa said...

Congratulations! You are one rockin' bloggin' girl!:)

BTW, I had to laugh at myself because when I first read "Erin Wilson" my brain read "ERIC Wilson" whose obviously a guy and I thought, "WHAT?!? Mair is nominating a GUY for a GIRL award?!?! NO WAY!" Then I realized that it wasn't a guy, but a girl.

THEN....I read on down and saw that you HAD awarded a guy! You're such a riot!

Thanks for continuing to bring laughter into my life.

Coloring me clueless,

Joey Quinton said...

Mair...I agree with you about Steve. I recently discovered his blog by reading your comments. His writing is fantastic, his blog looks amazing...and a big plus for him - I think he is a Mac user!!!!!!!!

Queeny said...

I agree with upwords. Well-deserved nomination.

Robin said...

Know how you can tell I think you R.A.W.K., too? I'm reading your blog on vacation...when on-line time is at a premium...let alone commenting!

You're definitely one of my faves du jour :).

Hey...if I sneak over to Atlanta...wanna meet me for beignets at Huey's? I've mentioned it to another mutual bluddy of ours and I'm toying with the idea...or is it "all work" for you? Or too blog stalker-y to consider? Or just WEIRD?

p.s. Steve IS deserving...the boy has POINT SHOES up on his blog!!! Gotta LURVE that!!!!

Christine said...

Congrats Mair! Am doing a shout out on chicken-scratch about how much you Rock! Well-deserved. Talk soon, XINE

Anonymous said...

You are going to ICRS? I sure hope I see you . . .

Dewey said...

Good luck with that healing. :)