Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Prayer of Thanksgiving

This prayer is from a new and dear friend. His name doesn't rhyme with fire, but it sounds like fire. I'm grateful for his kind intercession. I'm thankful for all of your prayers before and after the accident.

Grace to you, Lovies.

God, thank you that Mair and her babies are o.k. Thank you for the way you protected them in the big man truck, Lord; had they been in a Tercel, the story might’ve been more Good Friday than Easter Sunday. Those ladies who ran from your tomb early that morning were gripped with fear and great joy. I imagine that’s how Mair and her babies felt, Jesus, crawling out of the truck. It feels like a pretty shitty thing to happen to a sister on Easter Sunday morning, carrying the red eggs no less…but it did happen. Again, thanks that they’re o.k.

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