Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Poem for a Beautiful Mess

I met the most beautiful mess recently. He's a big, heaping mess like I am, like Anne Lamott is, and like my beloved Brennan Manning is. I'm crazy about him. Today I was thinking about brokenness, and how it seems to attract more brokenness. But brokenness rarely fixes brokenness. I think the best thing is for us broken people to do when we find one another is to just be what we are--what's left of us--love each other fiercely, even if our roars sound like whispered meows now, and pray that God, the only one who can fix us, does what He does in mercy. And soon.

This is for you, rascal. But you already knew that, didn't you?

I use to think I could fix
broken people.
I made a mess.
Broke a few
more than they were
before they met me.

Still, I'm drawn
to shattered people.
Their lovely sharp edges,
their exquisite, cutting shards.
I just don't try
to fix them anymore.
I got tired of bleeding
more than I already do.

Instead, I take
my splintered pieces
and scoop them into
a scarlet bag.
I place myself
at their feet
spread myself out before them
as a love offering.

Sometimes this works.
Sometimes they walk
all over me.
Oh well.
I did say they were broken.

But sometimes
they'll take all their pieces
their many, hard-edged pieces
and pour them out
of black leather
or white velvet
right at my feet.

And God will put His fingers--
carefully now! Be careful, God!--
On all our sharp and shining places.
Make a beautiful mosaic
out of all our brokenness.
He will bind us together,
by the bright, white strength
of love that never fails,

even though we are broken,
even though we are tiny little
fragments of what we use to be
or what we should be.


Candy said...

Great poem. So true. Something to mull over today as I watch the mosaic take shape.

Heidi Renee said...

beautiful - i think that is why i am so passionate about beach glass and mosaic art - redemption of the broken shards.

thank you!

Annette Smith said...

Love this poem. Love it, love it. Thank you for sharing these beautiful thoughts.

Paula said...

Wow. Wow, wow, wow.

You've got me thinking now.

BTW, sure missed you over lent. Welcome back beautiful diva.