Thursday, April 26, 2007

Not So Ginormous Braidfro Glory!

Okay, the votes are in! Y'all decided on the 'fro, but I did

NOT! Not completely, that is.

I'm here in Calarda Springs this morning, which I've heard is "The New Jerusalem... Uh... Where's that wailing wall! ?

But I digress...

And I'm here in all my not-so-ginormous braid 'fro glory. Yes, yes y'all. I did both! I got my hair--and might I add that's my own hair lovies, no extensions for this sistah--not that there's anything wrong with that. Anywho, I got my hair cornrowed in front and the fro is just doing it's thing in the back and everybody's happy no matter how you voted.

Ain't I easy?

Hey, don't answer that. Folks might get to calling me a NHH. Lets see if you can tell what that stands for in this age of blatant racist, sexist, misogynistic public commentary. Okay raga-d. Play nice. Play nice.


The photo shoot is in a couple of hours and I got a bad @#% shirt to go over this blackalicious long sleeved t-shirt I'm wearing. And I got on waaay too much ghetto jewelry cuz a sistah's got to represent. I will try not to throw my fist up in the air during the photo shoot and yell "ungowah black powah (that's a seventies thing). I will try. I will not promise.

I think I may be having an. . .

E-P-I-S-O-D-E (this "episode is brought to you today by an unfortunate brain chemical mix). This is also what happens when you write "race books". And all your woundedness comes right to the center of your heart. God help me.

My song for today, and sing it to any tune you want:

First you get a sis-tah
take her out the ghet-toe
then you take her picc-cha
'cuz she is so cute 'yo

you made her an auth thur
gave her lots of mon-nay
now she writes a race book
will it be too sex-eee!?

Okay, raga. Play nice!
Play nice!

Do you get the feeling I may have some unresolved issues? Help, God! Help!!!!

I'd better go before I get into any more trouble today. And my day is just getting started y'all. Lord, have mercy. Lord, have mercy, Lord, have mercy.

And I mean that.

One last note. Both my publishing houses are very good to me. I just wanted to say that whatever feelings I have are not because of where I am right now. Maybe we'll talk about things like what's it's like to be black in the CBA, where there only a few black women, and NO black men, later. Maybe. Probably not.



Chantay said...

I like the braid-fro, but not quite as much as the Afro. Either way, no one better call u a NHH. I-mus admit, I'm still pissed about that one.

Pattie said...

OOOOOH it looks GREAT! I have a friend who wears hers the same way (her braids are teeny-weeny braids) and it is GORGEOUS.

As are you :)

Rachelle said...

Glorious! I love the look and love your spirit today!

Someday I'm going to have to get you together with my friend Patricia Raybon. Have you read her book, "My First White Friend"? You two would have a LOT to talk about. She's got a lot to say about being black in CBA... and her book is about growing up black in lily-white Colorada. Very intense stuff.

Can't wait to see that 4-foot high poster!

Shanna said...

Custard sistah
Not so ghetto
Busta wrista
Wa-ving "hel-lo"!

yo yo
check it--
that's where
we at...

Joni said...

I definitely like the look!

God's blessings be on you...

It's really sad that most of us know what NHH means by now. That man deserved "butt kicking" he got.

Anyway...praying all goes well.

wilsonian said...


Candy said...

You're beautiful - braids and 'fro or no. I would say you represent all of us very well - black/white, woman/man, christian/non. You're human and like it or not, most of us are wounded and have issues. I haven't met one yet without them. So I choose you to represent in a 4 foot photo. I cannot wait to read the book. How did it go??

Heidi Renee said...

Love it! How did it go??

You represent all of us women so beautifully Diva-girl!

I will pray for that core that has been touched and that you find comfort and surprising healing and wholeness there!

Paula said...

What a wonderful picture . . . but I gotta tell you after actually getting to see the real thang last night, well, the picture can't capture it all!

What a glorious treat to get to hang out with my sisters yesterday. Love you, Mair!!

Mirtika said...

I like it! It's fresh!

I have the same philosophy for my hair for many years: I do something to control the front bits that are bangs or around my face and crown. And I just let the rest do what it wants curls-and-frizz wise. Half-tamed hair.

You got half tame hair, half wild hair. :)

Works for me, and it looks good on you.


Alison Strobel Morrow said...

LOVE the look!! Can't wait to see the poster, though since I'm not going to CBA I probably won't get to. Unless you or someone takes a pic and posts it or something. :)

I have no idea what NHH means. I think I'm glad.


Anonymous said...

You looked beautiful - in black & white and color! Truly we are going to rock with you Sistah. Thanks for your time in Colorado. Brought back many memories - some even sad and painful. But the future looks bright and I'm thrilled to be working with you again. Butterflies and all!

Kristine said...

You look cute. I love the glasses too.