Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tuesday, in the wee wee hours of the morning...

4:45 am. I should be asleep, but I'm almost never asleep at the right time. I've been working very hard on novel two, which was due Friday, but my editor, the kind soul, gave me a few days to recover from Denver, Calarada! I slept for two days upon returning home.

I had a great time. When I look back at the anxiety I felt, I wonder what all that fuss was about. A few months ago, my pumpkin, Bethany sent me the Diaries of Nicole Gausseron. I devoured those books, finding a kindred spirit in Nicole--only she's a better version of me. In one of the diaries, she had an upcoming visit to meet the Pope--a monumental experience for any Catholic. Jesus asked her to take Him with her. I thought that was so beautiful, God Himself, asking this humble woman to take Him with her. Jesus is quite the romantic at times, isn't He? Quite the gentleman.

Like Nicole, I could hear sweet Jesus asking me to take Him with me. So, I asked Him to come along. And He did. His kindness was everywhere I went. His love shone in more pairs of eyes than I can count. It was extraordinary.

Upon arrival I had breakfast with my agent, and he has new glasses that are quite fetching on him. He is growing in grace, and it was nice to just be with him. We shared a weird, upside down muffin thing that tasted of honey and bran. It's always nice to share food. I mean really to share it. I think some of the best moments of my life have been over shared meals. My time with Don was a "best moment", and it wouldn't be the last of that trip.

Paula was next. She's so cute. She had on a mini skirt! Not too mini, but if I had her long legs, mine would have probably been minier. We had a good time at the park as her son got awarded for his exemplary baseball skills. What a wonderful family she has. And she has the homiest home. I could have settled there forever.

I met Eugene Peterson next. I got to kiss him! I told him what the message meant to me. Don't you think that's important? To tell the people you love what an impact they've made on you. Don't miss that opportunity. Send a letter, and email, or make a call. I have to do more of that. I've gotta reach that Brennan Manning.

The next gift I got was to meet Eugene and Brennan's editor at NavPress, Don Simpson. He is a precious man, and we got to share some time later that I will always treasure. I can't get over all the tender moments I had. It's amazing.

What else? God gave me Kate E., a sweet meloncholic that I saw so much of myself in. He gave me funny Melanie and fiery, beautiful Nicci, and amazing Kate B. who wore the BEST CLOTHES, but had an even more lovely spirit. He gave me Kim and Jen, two terrific, hysterically funny women. He gave me gentle Jeff, and Austin, and Mary, and Beth. Lots of hugs from Siri, and laughs from her husband Tony. He gave me T.L. and Dave, and even Dave's beautiful wife Sarah. He gave me a big Hug in Donna (and a lot of a sense of home) at the Christy Awards. He gave me Terry again, who truly knows how to share a meal! She makes it an art. Thanks to Terry I had one of the best nights of my life in the company of women who astounded me with their elan! Sneaky Terry kept drawing stories out of me. She wouldn't let me fade into the background, and I found myself loud, and crazy, talking trash and happier than I've felt in a long time.

The signing went great. Wow! It went on for nearly two hours, but it seemed to go fast. We all signed close to 200 books. What a launch! I got waaaaay to many free books! And I scored the amazing "Good Monsters" CD from Jars of Clay that's due out in September. I wanted that CD so badly. I know all about being a good monster. And being a not-so-good one, too.

So, now you know I had a great time. I'm still feeling pretty mellow over here, even though I'm sleepless in Ann Arbor.

I have to finish the second book. And then start the next one. Publication has changed my life a lot. But I'm grateful. I really am. Murder, Mayhem and a Fine Man is being well received by people I respect a great deal. God is good. Hey, if you like it, can you post a review on Amazon? If you hate it. Don't say anything. Just pray about it. ;o)

I saw Murder, Mayhem and a Fine Man in our local Border's store on the day it released. It was amazing, standing there staring at it among the other books in one of my favorite bookstores. It was a very surreal moment. I said, "Oh, my God!" I looked around because I wanted to tell someone, but no one was close, and the people not so close didn't look interested. So, I stood there in the Christian fiction aisle alone, thinking of how far I've come.

If you just happen to be hanging around Ann Arbor on August 12th, why don't you stop in to Barnes and Noble on Washtenaw and say hi. I'll be there signing at 2:00. That's a Saturday. I sure would like to meet you.

I just wanted to tell you about all these things, but I should really get to bed now, even though I'm so not sleepy.

Hey, thanks for hanging around with this insomniac. I wouldn't have been able to do any of this without you.

Much love,


Hope said...

I found the book "The Little Notebook" by Nicole Gausseron in a thrift store. I loved it. Read it over and over again. But after reading it the first time I really felt like I should be sending it to Brennan Manning. I thought he would relate to it. I had met Brennan (went out for dessert with him and a few other people!) at a conference because a good friend of ours was a very good friend of his so we got to spend time with him. I ended up sending him the book. I now have book one of Nicole's diaries. They really inspire me and make me cry sometimes too.

Thank you for writing this - it was beautiful to read.

Heather Diane Tipton said...

awww God is so good! I love that you had such a great time even though I couldn't be there to see it! Love you!

Bek said...

sounds so exciting for you!!!! and yes i DO love truly sharing meals and food.......

Mark Goodyear said...

Hey, I met you at the book signing. You asked me if I wanted a free book, and I said, "No." (Sorry, I was tired.)

Then you pitched the book. I asked how it compared to Mosley's Easy Rawlins series. You said, "Not quite as secular."

So I took one. And it's really good. Even though I'm not done yet, I do know that everyone reading this should go to Amazon and buy a copy.

You can't have mine. My wife already called dibs when I finish.

(I also got to meet your agent. He's a pretty cool guy.)

Anonymous said...

Mair - You are precious!! I'm so glad you had such a good time at ICRS. We loved having you around... and that girl's night was definitely one to remember. Your added so much this year! Thank you -- Nicci

shanna said...

Just picked up the book today and practically caused an accident trying to peek inside it on the way home.

Right now it's sitting beside me, making noises like a bored preschooler who wants to play. But I've got just two blessed hours alone to do my own writing, so we'll both have to practice delayed gratification.

Sigh. Sometimes being a grown-up sucks.

Melanie Knox said...

Mair, I hope you know what a treasure you are. I hold those moments we spent together close to me like heirloom pearls. Thank you for sharing your story, and your writing, and yourself. You are so loved.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

Thank you for sharing, sweet heart. I'm glad you had such a glorious time. Those will be good memories!

wilsonian said...

LOL! Glad you had such a fab time.
Who knew I'd be so envious that you got to kiss Peterson! LOL.

Love ya...

slb said...

*gasp* you got the unreleased jars of clay?!?!?

"lucky!" (c) napoleon dynamite.

seriously, though, glad you had such a lovely time. and congrats on the amazing signing!

Dee said...

Girl, you better work. That book is the bomdiggity. You know it. And you know I like what you are doing with number two, wild woman.

I hope you got some sleep. Called you.

s-p said...

You are amazing, girl! I cannot imagine writing for a "living", but
yeah, it is pretty weird looking at YOUR book with YOUR name on it in a bookstore and wanting to yell HEY! THIS IS ME!!!! but knowing you have to be humble too. You know what is even weirder? Finding your book in a used bookstore...even supra weirder... one you autographed. Be prepared! Writing is a bizarre life. :)

CHickey said...

Just bought the book. I'd love to leave a review once I've read it.

Victoria Gaines said...

I continue to hear such beautiful things about you, and can't wait to read your new book. God bless you. I'm quite the insomniac myself. Sounds like you met some great people in Denver!

Paula said...

So funny that you mentioned my skort. Have to laugh. ICRS was amazing and I owe it all to you!! It was such an honor to share a bit of that exciting first big step with you. I'm so happy for you, Sistie.

BTW, just posted our interview on GraceReign. You are amazing--in person and on paper.

Love Ya!

relevantgirl said...

Great wrap up of ICRS. I loved how you cherished people. Did you happen to walk the aisles of Jesus junk? Someone told me there were "Praise Panties" but I couldn't find them. Darn. Would've made a great picture for my blog.

I'm so glad we had an opportunity to meet, though I'm sorry for the Christy mix up. I wanted you to sit next to moi!

Congrats on a great signing. It was comforting knowing you were next to me, smiling and giving away your fab book. Haven't read it yet, but am really looking forward to it.

Mary (relevantgirl)