Thursday, December 08, 2005

We'll Leave the Lights on for You

Tonight we prepared to meet the Lord. I'd made an Advent wreath--not bad if I must say. That's on the entertainment center, along with my collection of black angels, an icon of Christ, and one of the Virgin, Our Lady of Sorrows.

Just across from the Advent area, is the Kwanzaa display. There we have the seven symbols of the seven principles--except for the black candle. Who can find a black candle? You practically have to shop at Witchmart. So, we subsituted with a gold one, standing in the center, just as proud and just as strong. The African Saints grace the Kwanzaa display, and they don't seem to mind. They're placed so that they face the Advent wreath. They watch for him with us, as we groove to our collective cultural rhythms. Even in this, Jesus is real.

Across the room is the little Christmas Tree. Ken keeps his office/studio in the livingroom now, and we didn't have much room. We got a wee speciman, but my, it's lovely tonight. We sang while we strung the multicolored lights. We laughed, putting on red and gold ribbons, jewels, and baubles. We stoped to dance, because Vanessa Williams and Bobby Caldwell sang Baby it's Cold Outside. Then we got a little crazy as Donny Hathaway crooned to us how this Christmas will be a very special Christmas. We all danced with each other, even the girls with girls, and there was so much love in that room, that I could hardly contain my joy. All this because of Jesus.

Oh, gentle Babe, we're waiting for you. Hope of the prophets. Rock of the Church. King of the Jews. God with us. We await, once again the rebirth of the Wonder that is You come to dwell among your people.

Tonight, we'll leave the lights on for you.



Heather Diane Tipton said...

Beautiful, Claudia Mair, beautiful.

lisa said...

As always.

upwords said...

Beautiful! I'm going to link to this. :)

Pammer said...

I followed Mary's link and how glad I am. This is splendid. Thank you.

Kristine said...

That's pretty sweet. Makes me happy and I can almost feel the coziness of it all.

Cindy said...

I love that Donny Hathaway song! It's on my son's custom-mixed CD that he named "A Soulful Christmas," which includes songs by Stevie Wonder, Kirk Franklin, Boyz To Men and others.

But I have a question. When Donny says, "Shake a hand, shake a hand," does he mean acually shake someone's hand, or shake your own hands in the air? This is the burning question of the day. :)

Lovely post.