Thursday, November 10, 2005

Andrew Greely's Honest Prayers

I've been reading a book by Andrew Greely. I think he writes mysteries, but this book wasn't a mystery. It was a prayer journal, called Love Affair, A Prayer Journal.

I found it at the Ann Arbor District Library book sale. They have the sale ongoing for part of the year, on Saturdays and Sundays, I think. I'd already found a stack of really cool books, but I had this thought to take one more look at the religious section. I think it was a Holy Spirit nudge. That's when I found it.

I got it home and curled up in bed with it. Wow. These were prayers that he wrote in a year's time. That year he experienced the deaths of several friends. He got very sick himself, and he was very busy writing novels, traveling, speaking. I was moved by his generosity in praying for others. What amazed me, was the tenderness in these prayers. His journal prayers were written to My Love. He talked to God as he would a woman lover. It is a wonderful book. One interesting thing I saw was that some of the prayers were made for a novel, and others were his own journals, and the novel prayers moved him to create the journal prayers.

Greely is a priest, so there are a lot of honest prayers that are critical of the leadership in the Catholic church. I was moved by his struggle with doubts and fears. His prayers were so personal. So intimate. He took everything to God. Everything. He loved God. He also suffered a major depression that had a seasonal component. I so related to that. Here is one of the prayers for the novel, but it was sooo good for me:


O God, who brings us both light and darkness, I mourn the loss of light, and accept the coming of darkness. Grant that as darkness grows stronger, and light weaker in the days and weeks to come, my faith in Your triumph over sin and death may be as certain as the eventual return of light. I ask this in the name of Jesus, the light of the world.

Amen, indeed.

Keep watching for the Light that is Christ.


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While others struggle with staying above water enough to continue to breathe, I struggle with not getting eaten by a shark while drowning. I can't imagine being close enough to the surface (with God) to just breathe.

PenguinBoy said...

Thank you for this post, Claudia. I have long been a fan of Greeley's ficiton writing. I will add this book to my wishlist at

Go in peace...serve the Lord!