Saturday, October 01, 2005


Sometimes, it's easy for me to try to trap God inside my head. There He is, having this running (and constant) dialogue with me. Well, sometimes, it's a monologue, because I have those times in which I grow silent and sullen on Him.

I long for taking Him out of the inside of me, and putting Him on my altar. I'd like to be able to make and keep a rule of prayer. I'd like for Him to stand present in my icons, and sit at the table with me when I have a meal. Yes, I know He really is with me, playing in thousands of places, being magnificently omnipresent, and yet, there are times when I feel so lonely for Him, as if He's not there at all.

I read this prayer:

Let there be no gap between Christ and us.
If there is any gap, immediately we perish...

(I feel like I perish several times a day, but back to the prayer.)

For the building stands because it is cemented together.
Let us not then merely keep hold of Christ,
but let us be cemented to Him.
Let us cleave to Him by our work.
He is the Head, we are the body.
He is the Foundation. We are the building.
He is the Vine. We are the branches.
He is the Bridegroom. We the bride.
He is the Shepherd. We are the sheep.
He is the Way. We walk in it.
Again, we are the temple. He the indweller.
He is the Only Begotten. We the brothers and sisters.
He is the Heir. We the heirs together with Him.
He is the Life. We the living.
He is the Resurrection. We those who rise again.
He is the Light. We, the enlightened.

Yeah. Imagine that; we the enlightened. That's good stuff. That's St. John Crysostom, a 4th century Father. I think Chrysostom knew this Christ as everpresent, but even coming from him it seems like work. I don't think it feels that way because Christ is so ready to pack up and leave us. A cursory glance at the Psalms is a testimony to God loving us when we are often at our worst. I think it is just that we are so very human, and He is so Very God. We forget how loved we are, how lovely and winsome this Christ is, and how tenaciously He clings to us. He makes it easy to cement. If we would only remember His ever and comfort giving presence.

Thank you, Holy Spirit. You have a big job in being our comforter. I'm glad you're a big God. Thanks for your constancy, even we I am unfaithful.

Looking for evidence of cement,


Heather Diane Tipton said...

We forget how loved we are, how lovely and winsome this Christ is, and how tenaciously He clings to us. He makes it easy to cement."


olympiada said...

Hey Girl wassup! I miss the Ancient African Christian faith presence...Its good to see you and read your words!