Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Book Review I: My Faith So Far

Okay, I totally wasn't here Monday because my ibook power cord shorted out and I had NO JUICE! I had to order an outrageously expensive adapter from the Apple Store, which did not arrive until this evening. Hence, no book reviews on Monday and Tuesday, but the week is still relatively young, no? Shall we proceed.

My Faith So Far by Patton Dodd
2005, Jossey-Bass
San Francisco, CA

The first book I got to review was a charming spiritual memoir by Patton Dodd called, My Faith So Far. The book charts the faith journey of a young man from conversion, to doing church, to what we say in the hood, "trippin', which simply means he acted out or experienced what he calls charismania, and finally through his search for an authentic experience of God.

Don't we all want that? An honest, authentic experience with God.

No, you say, we don't all want that?

I think you're right, and some of the most poignant and hilarious moments in Dodd's book are about the insanity that insues when we get ahead of the Holy Spirit and go off on our own little tangents. His description of his first attempt to speak in tongues is worth the price of the book. My next favorite passage describes a charismatic experience facilitated by Richard Roberts, son of Oral Roberts himself, the quintessential charismaniac. I'll never think of the words, "Fresh" and "Joy" in the same way, again.

All in all, I think you'll enjoy this fantastic book. It has the kind of fearless honesty and grace that makes for a classic. Buy it, and put it on your bookshelf right next to Blue Like Jazz.
Yeah, it's good like that.

See you tomorrow. Lord willing and the power cord stays powerful.



Heather Diane Tipton said...

cool.... I still need to get Blue like Jazz! Several people have told me to get Blue... haven't had the money yet.

Gina Holmes said...

I'll have to check it out Mair. (After I finish the KABILLION books I have piled on my nightstand.) I need a year off just to lay in bed and read.

Sounds funny about the trying to talk in tongues. I was part of a tongue speaking church for a while and it wasn't a hand in glove fit. I tried, God help me, to do it, but I'm fairly certain I sounded like someone impersonating an Iranian. Oh well. We each experience God in our own ways.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

I'm part of a tongue speakin' church, and let me tell you, girrrll...when the Holy Spirit descends, you never know what's gonna' happen. The book sounds like a good read. I'll pick it up, but I have a rule, I can only read on the treadmill. (I still have 5 books plus the one I'm in the middle the 20 pounds I'm trying to loose.

It sounds like you're feeling better though...I'll keep you in prayer.