Thursday, September 22, 2005

Book Review 2: The Seeker's Way

The Seeker's Way:
Cultivating the Longings of a Spiritual Life
Dave Fleming
2005, Jossey-Bass, San Francisco

Okay. I'm feeling a little Emergent Church Convention '05 nostalgic. Imagine you are in the penthouse suite and Marko of Youth Specialties is your host. Everyone has a glass of wine or a brew, and a cigar, and you're in the company of some of the most interesting Jesus people you will ever meet this side of heaven.

That's the kind of book The Seeker's Way is, only Dave Fleming is our host, and instead of wine and smokes, you get pages and pages of interviews with amazing people, and lemme tell you, Dave Fleming is quite the host with his gentle prods, and thoughtful insights.

His basic premise is this: we seek for what we do not possess. He calls this need to seek the "centerpiece of our experience" placed in us by Divine Mystery--that means God to the uninitiated. And you can rest assured that all the contributors are initiated, each interview, along with Flemings wise and humble comments, give us a bit more of that mystery, making us both wiser for having read this book, and more foolish. Isn't that how mystery works--the closer we come to it, the more of ourselves we lose, ruining us for the world.

His choices of subjects and seekers are intriguing. Each interviewee seems Holy Spirit handpicked, and all offered surprising insight to a spirtual life. These weren't your garden variety Evangelical voices. There is a broad range of Christians represented, and each bring a certain quiet strength and vulnerability to their interviews.

In The Seekers Way, Fleming pairs Longing with Seeker with chapters that deal subjects such as:

From Answers to Experience, with Wayne Teasdale, a Catholic monk. From Activity to Meaning, with Alan Jones, Dean of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, and several others.

This book is it's own parlour, and the company is fine, indeed. Phillip Gulley and Jim Mulholland, Lauren Winner, Marcus Borg, and Joan Chissiter all contribute their unique takes on their experience as seekers (and finders).

I say, pull up a chair and join the party.

Much love, and see ya tomorrow.


upwords said...

Wow, what a lineup. This one sounds good. Thanks for the review.

upwords said...

Wow, what a lineup. This one sounds good. Thanks for the review.

upwords said...

No, I'm really not that stupid. I have no idea why this posted twice. LOL

Double love,