Friday, July 29, 2005

A Love Song to Jesus

There are times when I don't come here simply because I don't have anything to say. I get caught up in busyness. Work. Family. Writing. In these times my relationship with God gets stuck in my head, and I find myself thinking about God, more than being with Him. It is in times like this that my soul grows lonely for the Beloved. I miss him, and grieve the loss of the intimacy we share.

It is then that I have to get back to the basics. He loves me. I love Him. Prayer restores:

Hymn of the Virgin

O tender beloved One who enfolds us,
guard us in our purity.
Sorrow is ours, for we were born
out of the dust of Adam's fall.
And it is a trial for us to resist
the apple's temptation.
Make us your upright people,
O Christ the Savior.

We deeply long to follow you,
but the way is hard for your
unhappy people
to honorably be like you,
O unblemished and guiltless King
of Angels.

Yet we trust in you
to seek the precious pearl in the dust.
We call to you as our Bridegroom,
and Savior on the cross.

Like a bride united with you in
your blood,
we chose you alone as our spouse
O Son of God.
O Beautiful One, filled with joy and
precious fragrance,
we groan to you in our lamentable exile.
When shall we see you in this world--
you, who dwell in our soul?
In our hearts we embrace you,
as if we had you here.

O powerful Lion, you tore open the
and descended into the lap of the Virgin.
As conquerer of death you gave
to us life in the Golden City.
Let us nowlove there and
in you, our beloved Spouse.
You have seized us from the grip of
the Devil,
who led our first parents astray

"Song" Nr. 40
Hildegard of Bingen

Sometimes, a girl just has to sing her Lover a love song.
Ah, now that feels better.


upwords said...

I feel better too. :)

Heather Diane Tipton said...


Lorna said...

stuck with thinking about Him, instead of being with Him.

Ouch and I love it.

thanks for sharing your love song. It helped to sit at His feet in worship.

Natala said...

thank you for allowing me to come to worship this morning.
much peace to you today.

Anonymous said...

Just when i though i was alone in this walk; Jesus steps in and once again blows my mind!!! God bless the author