Friday, July 22, 2005

Freak Out Part Two

It's been a big week. Lots of good things are happening to me, things that I could only dream of. I can't tell you the details right now. Things have a way of falling apart so until it's all settled I won't give details, but I will say that it looks like I've got a three book deal, and this blesses me more than you can possibly know.

Anyway, here I am, at the verge of having my dream fulfilled. My agent (sweet teddy bear) is thrilled for me, and he's so much fun. He's made this whole process a great experience, and if it does fall apart, I've got his strong arms to catch me, and I know I'll be alright.

All that to say, I'm in the middle of freak out number two. I don't really know what to do with success. Should I get a real website? What will I call it? What will I call myself????? I can't even decide what my name is most days, and now I have to think about covers and dot coms.

Lord, have mercy.

But most of all, I struggle with simply knowing and doing God's will. Is this God's will? I think so, but still I'm inclined to take it to God in prayer.

I went to Art Fair today with Nia and Aziza. Art Fair is a HUGE event here in Ann Arbor. We were perusing the non-profit organizations fair that's part of the annual event, and saw a table from a local Catholic church. We stopped, and the girls got rosary beads, and a man who was minding the table asked if the children would like a prayer book. Of course! They are my children, and you all know how I feel about prayer books. So, the kind man gave us a lovely paryer book for children by Lois Rock called, "Everyday Prayers for Children". I was sitting here, feeling a little overwhelmed, and I picked up this prayer book and turned right to a prayer by Julian of Norwich. I love her.

The prayer is:

Lord, you know what I want.
If you think it right, may I have it.
If you do not think it right,
good Lord, do not be displeased that I asked,
for I don't want anything that you don't want.

Ain't that the truth.

So, all this book stuff I offer to God, not wanting anything that he doesn't want. Isn't prayer just the best cure for a freak out.

Anyway, I have a question for you. Some people are suggesting that I write a Ragamuffin Diva book. Nonfiction--the series I wrote about is fiction. Is there something here that really touched your heart? Could you tell me what it was? And, would you actually buy a Ragamuffin Diva book?

I sure do appreciate your help.

I love you,
the unworthy Mair (hey, you pronounce that like MIRE or My- Ur)
Oh yeah, since Mary outed me, the website for the agency is Click on the "authors" and there I'll be, smiling, and trying to figure out how the heck I ended up there with all those good Christian people.


Alison Strobel Morrow said...

I just signed with Don Pape, another Alive Communications agent--welcome to the family! I"m so excited for you, Diva girl. And my answer is YES. I would DEFINITELY buy and read a nonfiction Raga book. From the snippets of your life that you've shared on your blog, I'd say you have plenty of material for multiple books. Off the top of my head, I think your spiritual journey would make a fantastic book. Scary to write, because our spirituality is such a personal thing and hard to just throw out there for the world to see, but also a huge boon to those who are searching. I just wrote a proposal for a book about mine, to be formatted a bit like "Girl Meets God" by Lauren F. Winner (awesome read if you've not yet read it). I can't wait to read your books, be they fiction or nonfiction!! :)

Jaime H. said...


I am so happy for you!!! I think of you so often, and I have been meaning to call or email and I promise I will do so!!!



Kristine said...

I'm excited for you!!!
Yes, I would definitely buy a book about your life! I echo Alison in saying that you have lots of experiences to choose from by what you have written so far.
As for dealing with success- just breathe and know that God will guide you and nurture you where you are.
I can't wait to see all that is to come!

Geo said...

But most of all, I struggle with simply knowing and doing God's will.

For me God's Will was accomplished at the Cross so now we can rest in that finished work and enjoy this life and as we do everything we do wheather good or bad is to His glory. If good it glorifies Him if bad it also glorifies Him because it shows the world that even through the bad His arm is not to short to Redeem.


s-p said...

Hi Mair,
GLory to God! I'm jealous, hopefully in a godly way. :)
I know the feeling. I still have my first rejection letter and first acceptance letters framed for my first (and only) book.
That was 14 years ago. I've always wanted to take up writing again, but life is what happens while you are trying to find time to write about it. Blogging is my outlet for now. Hang in there! You'll sort it all out and come back down to earth. By the way I met Fr. Moses at the OCA convention in Toronto and told him I know you from the internet. He sends his greetings.

lori said...

Hey Claudia! (Mair)
I keep meaning to call you and things have been too crazy.
but...You KNOW i think you should write that book. I think many people may be like me and don't read a ton of fiction. My favorite type of book is a story of someone's journey and you write so well about your journey. I know your "I loved a boy" writing really spoke to people as do the times you talk about frantically searching for your prayer book and leaning on God ("the trouble with walking on water"). Really, to be brief, pretty much everything you write on this site speaks to me! So start putting it together (in your free time-HA!)
love you and miss you-

Dee said...

congratulations. the book is so good and you definitely deserve it, girlfriend. I returned your call last week, but didn't get you.
And yes, the Ragamuffin Diva would be great, because your writing isn't cookie cutter. It's so heaven felt. Believers need that.

olympiada said...

Your post pierced me in a couple of places. First of all about things falling apart and your agent having strong arms to catch you. Second your mention of Julian of Norwich. There are deep reasons these things pierce me and because my godfather referred me to you and he is a spiritual giant, I will take them as a mystical experience and meditate on them. Especially considering I just blogged about my most recent drawing which has to do with being caught by strong arms, and then I come over and you wrote about it.

wilsonian said...


You have such a delicious way with words... just write. We'll buy.

upwords said...

I'm with Wilsonian. You write. We'll buy. :) Congrats again and again. Thanks for more Julian of Norwich. She is all that. So is somebody else I know...

the outer LOL

Hope said...

I would not only buy a copy for myself but would give it out as gifts. Most every post of yours makes me teary.

You have a beautiful way of pointing me to God in each and every post.

Reading your stuff has encouraged me to be more gut honest in my own writing.

grammarwitch said...

Dumpling. You know how I feel about a raga d nonfiction book. You have so much strength and grace to give others who every day find themselves in one situation or another that you've experienced. And you definitely have the gift, and the call. What on earth or in heaven are you waiting for? :-)

slb said...

this is phenomenal news and i'm so happy for u! :-D

i've already promised to buy everything u publish, so...

that still stands. definitely include "i loved a boy" and yr writing sisters prose poem thing?

Natala said...

i'd pre-order a ragamuffin book today :)
i think that all of your writings here could make a beautiful book, all of your words are beautiful, and deep... perhaps a devotion book of sorts...

really, you already have a book... right here, it's not on paper, but really i don't see much of a difference.
honestly whatever you do, will be lovely....

Lorna said...

yeah I'd read it and buy it

knowing God's will in my life - that might be the theme. Many of your posts deal with the stuggle. Some are funny. We Christians need to learn to laugh more. You can help us :)

mp said...

I will read anything you write

mp said...

I'll read anything you write!

chris said...

wahoo! That's Texan for "hurray!. Oh, Sister Rags. That's fantastic. The whole world will love the honey that drips from you keyboard. I still can't wait for Christmas time to roll around so I can read that piece you did last year for the website.

Candy said...

I'd buy it and several extras for friends. I'd buy it because you're honest and real. I'd buy it because you listen to God and relay His words so well. When He tells you to, do it.

Paula said...


As you know, I'm thrilled about your book deal. Don't be afraid of success. Our Lord will lead you in success just as He has in every little step that has brought you to this point. Be a woman at rest in your heart, knowing He is there.

About non-fiction. I'm with everyone else. You write it, we'll buy it!

Hey Sistie! You know I love you. I'm so happy for you.

Katy said...

Girl, even the title of this post--"Freak Out Part Two"--is enough to convince me to buy any book you write. A freak-out can't be divided into parts or it wouldn't be a freak out. We freaker-outers know this all too well. But the fact that you wrote it makes me think, "What does Raga mean by that? I gotta find out!"

A possible 3-book contract? And a memoir? I'm freaking with you, Claudia. Much love to you!

Heather Diane Tipton said...

Girl, I would buy anything with your name on the cover! Your posts on here always inspire me... almost always make me reflect on my life with God...
Write the book Raga, they will buy it.
Congrats by the way!

Carol said...


Wow! Congratulations! I don't even know you, but tears are coming to my eyes for you. I hope this pulls through for you and you are published! I've only read one of your entries so far, and I can tell already that I want to come back and read more!


mindi said...

woohoo! i'm thrilled for you and praying for you too!

i'd absolutely buy a non-fiction book from you... i love the way you use words to reveal yourself and God.

and i love this prayer from julian of norwich. i like her very much and this prayer is so timely for me...thank you...