Tuesday, May 17, 2005

SCE 1 (Sister Chicks Emerging) Pass the Wine

I'm here.


From the penthouse suite I'm typing this in, I can see what looks like the whole city. I think I can see Ohio from here. The city lights pulsate with an energy that I miss in my beloved Ann Arbor. Lori and I are visiting with Mark, who makes me laugh like I've known him for ever.

We sip wine and smoke cigars, and have wonderful conversation. The world gets wider because I'm here. I am an unlikely presence. But I belong.

Another Mark here tells me that it is a poor, black, woman who will be the voice of Christ in this time. This is not a conversation that I have ever had with another human being. I feel strange and wonderful, uplifted and let the feeling that I really can change the world settle over me like a mantle passed by a man of God.

I belong here.

I find a community, in a pierced tattoed white male ministry president, and his quirky, funny cigar smoking sister, and a homeschooling neo hippie whose clothing are chosen by the Spirit. This is the smartest, most profound, deliciously funny group of people I've had the pleasure of sitting and kickin' it with in a long, long time.

Jesus is in our midst. I see Him in their faces. I hear him in their voices. I sense Him in their love and generosity.

He pours me more wine, and offers me chocolate. He restores my soul.

I belong here.


grammarwitch said...

Amen, dumpling.

djchuang said...

wow, glad to hear the fun is already under way! hope to get a conversation with you in Nashville - I get there tomorrow afternoon.

Janie Wilkerson said...

I read your blog all the time - can't believe you're in Nashville for Emergent! Thrilling. I live close by but am pretending I'm going on a trip and staying at the hotel for the duration. Can't wait... I'd love to meet you!

Paula said...

Praise be to the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Praise to the Son. I'm rejoicing with you. Wish I were there.

upwords said...

I'm so glad for you. For real. It sounds wonderful.


postmodernegro said...

Hey Diva,

Glad to see some sistas emerging. Your blog is quite refreshing. Hope to dialogue with you more in the future.