Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Blessed Are The Promiscuous?

I was reading a story in Kathleen Norris' book, Amazing Grace: A Vocabulary of Faith (1998, Riverhead Books, NY, NY.) and one story in particular caught my attention. It was story of a woman.

She lived in a small town, but was a big time drunk, and had earned the unsavory label of "cocaine whore". Her self-esteem was so fragile, that not only did she sleep with anyone who'd give her drink or drug, she'd sleep with anyone who gave her attention.

Like many ragamuffins, she came to the end of herself. The end of yourself is always a blessed place. This is where we meet God. We've decreased by choice, even if the choice is that our bad choices have stripped us of all save God. We come empty.

She sobered up, joined AA and even went to church. Of course, she was not well-received, but the pastor and his wife were loving. And so was Jesus. Like a good 12 stepper, she kept coming back.

Soon she was a church member, volunteering and signing up for, well, for everything. She went to every Bible study. She worked at every project. She tasted the love of Jesus, and in it, found everything she needed.

Norris writes, "Salvation took such hold in her that, as the pastor put it, he began to wonder if Christians don't underrate promiscuity. Because she was still a promiscuous person, still loving without discrimination."

Isn't that grand? Can you imagine? Loving without discrimination? Big, juicy loving that drives you to the end of the road to find those others-- crack ho's, drunks, manic depressives, freaks--all promiscous people, giving themselves away, looking for love, looking for Jesus, but not knowing it.

Blessed are the promiscuous, for once redeemed, they shall love extravagantly, shamelessly, and indiscriminately. They shall love, just like Jesus did. (Claudia 1:1)

"Therefore, I say to you, her sins, which are many, are forgiven, for she loved much. But to whom little is forgiven, the same loves little. Then he said to her, "Your sins are forgiven." (Luke 7:47,48).

Thank you, Jesus.

In big, juicy love,


upwords said...

It's so true. My own life is proof of it. This is beautiful.

Big, juicy love to you,

glimpsing gal said...

Amazing...I don't think I'll ever think of the word 'promiscuous' is quite the same way again.

Abundant blessings,


Larry said...

Promiscuous... alcoholic... lifetime depression... workaholic... just plain tired...

Blessed are the desperate, because they're the ones who will finally, after God's many attempts to get thorugh, start listening to him. They'll hold on tight because they're walking the razor's edge between abyss and flame, and they know that only Jesus' hold keeps them from falling in. Has kept them from falling in, until that moment came when they realized there was nothing else.

Our culture rejects those who need anything. God welcomes us.

bobbie said...

promiscuity in the kingdom - i LOVE that diva girl! you have such a way with those words!

blog looks amazing and so does that wonderful wide smile on your beautiful face!

daisymarie said...

This was so very rich...and right on time for me. This week in corporate devotions we've been talking about what it really means to be all out for Jesus...this seems to put a powerful edge to that thought! Thanks!

markwashere said...

rags d.

i'm mad at you. go ahead. ask me why. ok. i'll tell you. :P

now lookahere. i thought i tol't you how i was not feelin' this whole promiscuity allegory you drew up. i just ain't no kinda saved. lol so i'm mad at you for making me like it. kinda. i was with you up until you called said love both big AND juicy. that's just lubricious and you done messed me up, so now i gotta pray and fast and ask for forgiveness all cuzza YOU! i wish aunt esther was here today, just so she could call you "bubble-eyed heathen" and hit you with her purse. ;-)


Dharmavidya said...

I'm not a Christian, I'm a Pureland Buddhist, but I find the basic message of your blog completely in accord with my own faith. We are all held by universal love, whatever faith, whether good or bad. even those who have not "been saved" by your or my religion are not forsaken.

Paula said...

Oh Wow Claudia! Jesus just flows right through you. Thank you. Thank you.

lisa said...

My friend, you did it again. Beautiful words of grace.

Breezze said...

I read this the other day... and it has sat with me... thank you for your thoughts on this and your heart in sharing. Wow... love that we get fresh chances with God... that our past is puff... gone like a vapor with Christ's forgiveness and mercy... Amazing story... thank you