Thursday, October 28, 2004

With Regrets

Dang! My computer is about to blow up! I find exploding computers a little disconcerting, so for my personal safety, I'm opting to let it go.

Unfortunately, that means I have to let my blog go, too. And my novel. And everything else I do on this amazing, much loved machine.

I'm not going gently!

I'm having a really horrid time of it.

I have to say goodbye until I grow up and get a new computer.


Ouch. That really hurt.

Remember this ragamuffin in your prayers,
I'll remember you in mine.
Don't forget to read The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning.


May the Lord watch between me and thee while we are absent one from another.

Yours, with the grace you've given me,
God's raga.


Geo said...

My heart is heavy and I can't say goood bye only see you later.
By the way check your mail in a few days we sent you a little something today.

Geo & Bon

upwords said...

say it ain't so, girl! I'm praying. Keep an ear out for me.


bobbie said...

oh woman, you're breaking my heart!

please copy your novel and the important things onto a disk, k? so you don't loose all of that hard work!

any internet cafes around where you can just drop by the blog and say 'hi'??

i can send you a google email account (free) called gmail so you can get email without having a computer, so you don't loose touch with us all!

dang. we'll miss your voice in the blogosphere claudia.

sniff... sniff...

eddie{F} said...

I am not a happy camper about this, but you need to do what is in your heart. Your presence will be missed greatly.

Much care in the Son

Candy said...

Claudia - I'm late reading this post. I'm heartbroken but I know you're doing what you need to do. God is working and He is present always. I'll miss your presence and your words until you return. You are loved greatly. I'll be praying for you.

Ben said...

Diva, I always looked forward to your next post. It was always worth the wait to read your latest post.
God's blessings on you and the new relationships you will form in obtaining your next computer.
From one ragamuffin to another I thank you for your reminders of grace.