Thursday, August 05, 2004

raga prayers 2


This is my confession:

I will not be afraid today.

I have wrapped myself in fear,
black and thick like fur,
and slept in its insufferable embrace.

But I will not sleep in fear today.

I have felt the sting of suffering
stabbing my flesh,
bloating it with grief,
as if there were no You.

But grace has defeated suffering today.

Rilke writes that You desire us to
"Embody You.
Flare up like flame,
and make big shadows You can move in."
But my shadow is too small for You
And Your Godness will obliterate
the little that is left of me.

So let me follow you,
into the black night,
as lovesick as the Shulamite
running to Your deep shadow,
until I find You,
and give myself away.

I belong to You.

Your Love has made me wanton.
You have made me Yours.
You are my provision.
You are All, Alone.

1 comment:

Paula said...

I love to see you find your courage--a regal lioness walking forward with confidence in her God.

Thank you for writing with freedom and art. You're giving me courage to return to some poetry myself. I haven't tried it in a while. Pray for me. I just might get brave and see what comes out.