Tuesday, August 03, 2004

raga prayers 1

There was a time when I was far from You,
but You weren't far from me.

I was as mournful as a lamentation
You made my sorrow an incantation.

You did not forsake me.

I thought I missed something,
but You were Everything.

I thought I needed an African God,
You showed me, that You were God of All,
and all the God I need.

I thought I needed ecstacy,
and read the poems of Rumi.

They reminded me of You.

I missed Your name upon my lips,
I missed Your christening touch upon my flesh.
I missed Your breath,
breathing life in me,
being the Life in me.

I missed my hands outstretched to You,
and Yours outstretched to me.
I missed needing You,
and missed You needing me.

This is freedom:

I am my beloved's,
and He is mine.
I am my beloved's,
and His desire is toward me.

Nothing can separate He from me.
We are a blessed WE.


Paula said...


All our hunger and longing and thirst eventually lead us to Him. He's everything. He's all we need

Geo said...

We are a blessed WE

WE sure ARE!
Thanks for the reminder!

Father is up to something!


Roger said...

Thanks for sharing that beautiful piece of your heart!